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NEWBIES - Do you fancy starting a group?

Hi :wave_cry:, I'm new to CD, I started SS on tuesday.
I've got 4.5 stone to lose (or actually 5 stone - but I've given myself a slightly easier target).

This website is fantastic & is the reason why I joined CD - peoples weight loss stories are so inspirational.

I thought it would be nice, to have a group/thread for fellow newbies. I feel like I have a very long journey ahead & it would be nice to speak to others who have also just started their journey

So, anyone who is new - however much weight or how little you have to loss. Please join.

Thank-you for your time

NEWBIES: (group so far)

Lil lisa86
Dieting Rambler
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Hope a load of Newbies sign up. Good luck.
I started CD on the 4th September and immediately joined a September Challenge for Newbies. I really do not think i would have gotten this far without this forum.
My questions have all been answered, support has been here and laughter and smiles here too.
The sad part is that many have disappeared without word, some signing off too as they failed in their attempt to stick to CD.
Names become very familiar, almost like a club.
I wish you and all your Newbies, all the very best on your new starts.

Hi, sounds great, have just started on Tuesday, so far so good, am feeling really positive and checking out all these other threads has been really inspirational so far - count me in. I have 5 Stone to lose so will be here a while, lol xx
Hi, Skyblue cool another recruit. We both started on tuesday & have 5 stone to lose. Welcome to the forum - hoping we will in the not so distant future we will be inspirations to other newbies.
Count me in. I start CD next week - would that be too late to join this team?

Have 7-8 stone to lose... lost 6 stone in 16 weeks with LL and am looking forward to CD in a major way. :)
It's the end of my 3rd day today. The actual diet - has been fine, I haven't felt hungry or had any bad side effects - but I am finding drinking so much water hard.

My first weight in is on monday & I am worried I won't have lost much weight. As 2 weeks before I started the CD diet, I changed my eating habits and looking at the diet I have had for the past 2 weeks I think I was probably already in ketosis - as I had been having a Muller Light yogurt for breakfast one for lunch & a tiny bit of lean chicken & cucumber for dinner and on some days I didn't feel very hungry, so only had 2 Muller Light yogurts. That's one of the reasons I have gone on this diet, so I get all my vitamins & minerals.

Perhaps that's why I haven't had any bad side effects from the sole source diet. I actually have to force myself to have the 3 sachets a day - for some reason I don't have an appetite (I am sure, that won't last for long).

How is everyone else finding it?
Morning everyone,

So glad this thread was created1

Hello Blue Eyes... I started on Tuesday too and also have 4.5 stone to loose but ultimatley would like to loose 5 stone! So we are in the same boat!

I tested for Ketosis today and its happened - Yipeeeeeee! I have not had many side effects - only felt slightly ill yesterday and had a soar tummy for about an hour - CDC said this is normal due to the concentrated amount of vitamins which my body is not used to.

Im also battling with water but I have found a trick! I made an iced coffee with the Vanilla Skake, 10 cubes of ice and about 1/2 Pint water, with a bit of coffee... It was yummy. Makes a really large amount, taste good and is extra water than a normal Shake... I will now do that with all my cold shakes as adding ice will always mean extra water intake and they are yummy.

I got some porridge last night so am looking forward to a bowl of porridge this morning.

I have lost 4lbs so far! (just can't stay away from the dam scales - but I feel it keeps me going seeing the weight drop off).

So all good on this side so far.... have resisted the food temptations too!
Hi & welcome, Mistiek. The ice cube idea, sounds a great idea. I haven't weighed myself (I throw away my scales, as my weight on them changes daily, I know you could expect a little change - put it goes up & down by a few stone!!!!!!) so I will just weigh myself once a week when I see my CDC, once I am happier about my weight I will invest in some scales.
The BMI on my ticker shows a goal of 4.5 stone, but I really want 5. We are in a very similar boat as my first weigh in I was 14st 7.4lb (I loose weight very slowly though).
I have been having the power shakes & power soups (I hate the soups, so next week - I will be an all power shake girl).
I have tried the banana & butterscotch, what other flavours are nice?

Mistiek, Skyblue, Carraig or Grrlscout on your blue left hand panel (I don't know what to call it) how do you add your diet, start weight, goal etc - I am clueless.
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Blue eyes in your user CP in the bluebar along the top of the forum, you go to edit details in left hand column and scroll down and you can enter your weight details it will then calculate percentage loss etc etc, hope thats what you were after
Hi all, Is it just me or is anyone else getting OCD of washing their hands when they are touching food? I have just made my Hubby and little boy dinner and anytime I have touched something (that I would normally lick off my fingers) I have to wash my hands to avoid doing it without thinking. Best I go out and buy some good hand cream. Hows is everyone doing today? I have been alright because I have been at work, this weekend will be the test when I am sat in the house not doing much:cry:
I do the washing hands thing too.

Everything is fine, but my tummy is bigger today, my trousers feel tighter. I think it's because I haven't needed a number 2 since before I started the diet. I keep on drinking my water, so hopefully I will need one soon, hopefully before my weight-in.

I am sure you will be fine over the weekend - remember nothing tastes as good as being slim feels.

Is anyone exercising?
me too... day1. what a great idea. hope im not too late to join. Im Saira and ive got 3 stone to loose and im really hopin to loose atleast 2st by the 4th of Jan...thats when my sis in law has her bday party. shes always puttin me down with her comments. she had a baby 6 months ago and is back to 8 st again and last time she said to me not to bother with any diets coz the weight suits me and i look good fat! WHATEVER! im gonna show her and the rest i can do it and im gonna get back to my pre-pregnancy weight!
we are all sooooo gonna do this!

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