Next sale today


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I fanyone fancies a bargain next have got a mid-season sale today.

I got to ours at 7 this morning and got a few new tops

Now THAT'S what I call dedication to a cause!! :D


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No just the kids get up early and it was either shopping or dressing and feeding kids them, hard choice !!!!!


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retail therapy! love it!!!!

Hi Dawn,

It is very satisfying to buy something you like with at half the normal price or with a good reduction on it:D

I have bought a load of stuff over the last couple of months in sales, but as yet still have not got into any of it.

So yesterday I went out and bought a nice outfit that actually fits propper instead of putting my life on hold as awlays!

This is a big deparature for me...

Now I must make sure to wear it....I seem to buy clothes for my WARDROBE:confused: :rolleyes:

Enjoy your new clothes:D

Love Mini xxx

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Good for you! lol and a great start to the day! ;)

I can't make it to town today, as have our special needs girl - which limits us.
Have bought new jeans, kickers and a gilet recently though.. so better go easy now! :p seen as I'll be shrinking out of them soon! :p well.. apart from the kickers of course! lol



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Thanks you just reminded me i need to fill my form to renew DLA for my son.
Put in the to-do pile and forgot it.