next training

Thanks bubbles. I am currently waiting for my cdc to get back from a 3week hol so i guess i wont be seeing you on that one but can you give me an idea of how long it took for you to get on that course from sending in your forms. TIA

There are only a few more scheduled trainings this year:

30th Sept which is full
11th and 25th Oct
4th and 18th Nov

There normally aren't any training days is December.

They fill up pretty quickly. As soon as you have completed your application form and your sponsor has done her bit head office will give you a screening inteview on the phone and offer you a training day.

Its fairly quick once they have your form.

CD Counsellor
thanks for that. rather than having to wait 3 weeks for my cdc to get back would i be able to obtain the forms from anohter cdc or is this not allowed? Does it need to be signed? I would really love to be on a traning day this year to get up and running as soon as poss to be able to help the people i have waiting, theres quite a queue!
cant believe this diet. want to spread the word!
You do need your counsellor to sponsor you. I have requested your forms be sent to you in her absence so you can get them ready for her return.

Good luck.