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Night shift ideas!!

I guys I'm looking for inspiration for food on night shifts?! I used to take just my cereal for the morning but I'm finding that's not enough!

Can't do salads or full on meals! But would like good old comfort food ideas!

Heating/refrigeration is fine!

Any help?!

Ta xx
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Mrs V

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How about making up some different stews or soups and taking them in a flask?? You could even make up a pasta and sauce and take that in a flask, or have some there. Quiche?? Flavoured rice that you could stick in a microwave?? Low fat noodles??
Yeah I've done the noodle and pasta thing and now getting a bit fed up (wasnt a huge fan o begin with)

I like the soup idea but am crap at making them - once blended always more of a paste than a soup - any tips?! Xx

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Circes said:
This really doesn't work - trust me all you end up with is a nasty slimy mess because the pasta keeps on cooking in the flask
Hadn't thought of that!!! It would be yuck wouldn't it???!!! Lol.
I know you asked for comforting food but what I do on the odd night shift when I do them is either save my HexB for two Alpen light bars or save syns for them in my daily allowance, I also fill up on fruit, particularly berries & melon. A couple of mullerlights go down well, as does fruit tea.

Another thought is having a microwave friendly pot of baked beans, or some of the chilli beans?

Hope other people have some other comfort food ideas, I'd be keen to get a few ideas myself!


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Girl I used to work with used to have beans on toast or baked potatoes we used to have a microwave though so dunno if that rules it out for you she used to eat and eat and eat she also had cuppa soups and pasta salad in a huge box with sweetcorn and peppers in. She lost stones on it!
Yeah I have access to a microwave! But didn't want to have full on meals as I try to eat something proper before I go!

Maybe I'll try the beans on toast or soup ideas !?



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I like heating up tins of Heinz pasta shapes or spaghetti in the microwave. Warming and comforting! X

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I just take loads of low syn snacks and cereal bars, snack a jacks, crab sticks, cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks and houmous etc.

I'm the same don't like a big meal on nights but I need something to keep myself away from the vending machine!
This really doesn't work - trust me all you end up with is a nasty slimy mess because the pasta keeps on cooking in the flask
However, it does work if you don't cook the pasta n sauce but just pop it into a container with the correct amount of boiling water and leave it to cook in that. I have done this many times!!
I used to work nights :) I used to take in mugshots or salads and lots of fruit :)
Totally with you on the fruit and mugshots but I couldn't do salad on a night! I need stodge!!! :)
I do nights and I take the magic porridge, but instead of 1 muller light I use 2 to 1 sachet of oats. Keeps me full till dinner when I get up

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I really don't get the 'I can't eat big meal at night' thing. Lol. Maybe I'm just a greedy pig but I function and sleep waaaay better if I have a proper meal. A good, thick homemade soup with toast is a great comforting option. And I usually save my syns for some treats. Night shifts require some chocolate IMHO.

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