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Night time??

I dont know about anyone else but night time for me is the hardest!
Like last night..i ate..thing is i werent even hungry i just ate for the sake of it! Which is stupid! Im not even gunna tell u what i ate cos it was all bad lol! Im not overly fussed as my first weigh in isnt till thurs im just tryna get back into the swing of it before hand!

But anyway my point is...what do you do in the evenings to keep u from tucking into stuff u shouldnt and how do u tell urself to behave?

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This is the last time!!
Well, I have my 3rd shake around half 6/7pm. I try to have done all of my chores by then. I drink water, surf the net, chat with hubby. Sometimes I have a savoury bouillon (but I can't drink it, it makes me retch, I have to slurp it from a spoon lol). If I feel I am struggling I go upstairs and run myself a nice big bubbly bath. Usually very indulgently with some 'Lush' bath products. Then I get out, get dried, slather myself with delicious smelling body cream, get in my jammies and jump into bed with my book.
I refuse to pick, I am determined that this is the last time I put myself (and my family) through this.
I also think of the fab things I will be doing when I am thinner - taking my son swimming, wearing my nice clothes, rekindling my 'private life' (nudge nudge!), my holiday to Italy in the summer, my trip to New York at Christmas, going out with my friends and not feeling left out and self concious........the list is endless.
But, I guess most of all, I think of my son. He is my biggest motivation to do this. My mum's neighbour dropped dead at the weekend, she was 53. Her heart simply gave up, it couldnt cope with the strain that her 28 stone body put on it. Now, I am in the 16's stone wise, but I don't want my heart to simply give up on me and leave my son without a mummy.

Be strong, write yourself a list of why you are doing this, and if you feel like nibbling, distract yourself somehow
Night times can be hard if you think they're hard ;)

Its just another time zone in the day to me

I have always had 4 shakes a day and try and have my last around 7/8pm. If ive had it eariler then i just drink loads of water ...cup of coffee..or go to bed!!!

Its about your mind set and choices.

Every time we cheat it sets you back a good few days..thats LOADS of CD money!!!! I kept/keep thinking of myself thin and how lovely it would be to walk into ANY shop and buy anything.

Keep positive images of you in your mind. Blipping is just so mentally challenging lol xxxxx


One day at a time!
I usually have my 3rd shake around 8ish, followed by a cup of coffee and make sure I have my water bottle next to me. What I do to avoid thinking about food is only watch BBC channels - no ads showing lovely food!;) I also come on here if I'm wavering and look at the slide show - those fabuously successful people didn't get thinner by cheating so it motivates me a bit more. Good luck - I took up tapestry too to keep my hands busy - can't eat and sew at the same time:)
I would watch TV shows online or by renting DVDs..it's a good way to pass time :p


hoping for a good loss
It can be hard during the evening. Before starting Cambridge I always snacked in the evening and it was hard breaking the habit, but thats all that it is - a habit. I now save my bar for the evening and have it with a lovely cup of coffee. Is my treat.

You can do it hun. Charlie xx


running strictly on fat!
Mine is a bit extreme but surely works for me LOL

Stand naked in front of the mirror and jump few times - if you are happy with what you see go ahead and snack away :)
This is the moment where I quietly get back on track - never failed to work for me xxx
Ugh night times are sooo hard. I know how your feeling. Everynight seems to be a uphill struggle and just when i started getting used to it i go away the weekend and i am back to square one. I might try that mirror thing that would surely keep me motivated haha :)

Good luck hun we can do it <3 xxx


minimims stalker
ha ha love the mirror thingy that would def work for me! seriously though im used to sitting down and having a nice meal with lots and lots of choc etc you get the picture.i assosiate evenings with food and eating so thats a bad start as it is .i tend to get into a good film, or failing that i come on here i read back to 1000 posts ago lol and the time flies by.
evenings are the worse tim efor me too .. the kids are in bed , the dishes done etc .. and this is when I used to snack ( my OH works away monday to friday so its lonely and chocolate always helped !!)
I try and save my last shake for about 8 pm and make it into a mousse ( I usually have amazing tiramasu mousse , vanilla with a little coffee added , mmm) and eat it really slowly ...
All good ideas thank you!!
LOVE the mirror idea lol that's brill! Will do that tonight i think haha!!!
yes, i'm off to do the mirror trick now! hahah

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