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Niknaks is trying to salvage what is left of the week after eating stupid numbers of


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Hey everyone!
So far i have lost 7.5lbs in 2 weeks.
Brought a wii and wii fit this weekend- ouch!! lol its great fun and im addicted so hopefully that will help my weight loss!

Got the bf coming over tonight for tea. I am on a red day today so we're having a yummy mixed grill...pork chop, gammon, steak and veg (but he's having chips)

I cant believe we can eat all this yet still lose weight i love SW!!!!:D
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wants a new body
i got wii fit other week
i love the hula hoopin lol
it great fun


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Ok so today is Sunday!!
Had my weetabix done abit of tidying up and im hungry again!! lol
Goin to have bacon on toast (HEX) and a boiled egg i think for lunch.
Play on the wii fit and then im off to the pub to watch the mighty reds in the liverpool v everton derby!! woo
For tea its simply pork chop and veg so hopefully i should have a good day!


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Ok today i have been good so far. Though my wii tells me i gained weight- but im just gonna wait and see what happens on thursdays weigh in. I have been good so im sure ive got nothing to worry about!!
Going to get my hair done tonight- its in desperate need lol!
Keep going everyone!
Hows it all going Hun??
Dont go by the weight on the Wii Fit its not acurate! Mine goes up and down like a fiddler's elbow! My BMI has improved according to it, but one minute Ive lost weight, the next gained...so just go by your proper scales!
I love the Wii fit...hula hooping,step and the ski jump are my favourites at the moment (the super Hula-hooping and step are a killer as is the free step!!).


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Well havent been on here for a while. Its been a VERY stressful/busy week. I'm a secondary teacher in liverpool and we had parents evening and ofsted wrapped up in all one week- CHAOS!
However, with all the goings on i have managed to stick with the plan. Last night because the week was over me and the BF went out with family and friends. We have sore heads today and i did eat a pack of hula hoops and half a snickers (shared it with BF) when we got home. But i hadnt used all my syns for the day and im sure i had some left over from the week.
So today, i have hardly eaten. Not through choice but its bad times at the mo with my mum and few tears have been shed so not really in mood to eat. Tho i am having two chicken breasts stuffed with garlic and laughing cows wrapped in bacon with veg for my tea!!
Went on the wii too today. Lost 5lbs (so it says LOL)
Sorry to babble - but this typing your thoughts and feelings is very good therpay for me haha.


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Right so today is another day and a red one for me.
Had bacon butties (bread as HEX) for brekkie and later on im gonna snack on ham fruit and yoghurt. Having gammon with veg for tea- lol im having virtually the same type of meat but i dont care lol i love bacon etc lol
Oh and a quick note to say WOW i love those stuffed chickens!!! MMMMMmmm. They tasted so nice- cant wait to do them again! Hope everyone is doing fine! xx


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Just me again lol!
Had another workout on the Wii fit just now- unlocked a few more games. Tell ya what im loving it- and im acutally considering cancelling my gym membership as ive not been in months and just do this and walk outside when the weather gets better IF it gets better i should say lol!!
I have realised im really not the gym type and this suits me. But i feel guilty cancelling a gym membership when im dieting. Hmm maybe i should go the gym and try it again. Maybe i'll have a change of mind!
Any ideas???


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Today has been a great day for me on the plan. And i used 9 syns on a BIG EAT bag of quavers as i nipped to the garage on way home from work for petrol and i really felt like a winter pick me up and tey were it! But i dont feel guilty as they were my only syns for the day :) Made another lovely colourful quiche tonight which i had with SW chips. Got the other half to take in to work for lunch tomoro.
Tomoro i have another very busy day at work as the kids gcse coursework is being moderated next week so im doing extra support for them to get the opportunity to spruse their files up.

I noticed something today....my watch is looser around my wrist- always a good sign eh?!

Ahh well over n out for another 24hours lol! xx
Me again haha- no idea if anyone is readng these.. feel for you if ya are haha!
Had weetabix for bekkie. The rest of the veg quiche i made last night for lunch with a jelly. Two piece of WW bread toasted with marg when i got home and Chick peas with rice for tea. Sounds plain but they were spicy lol.
I'm very tired today- can't wait until this week is over!
WI night tomoro and i intend to get a subway and take it to the BF's to watch yet another merseyside derby!!:D
Im considering doing a workout on the wii fit tonight- prob need a coffee first! lol.
WI day- lost 2.5lb WAHOO!!
I am really pleased with that.
My tummy hurts today- did wii fit yest and maybe too many ab crunches- ouch!!
Just had a subway pack of crisps and a cream egg:eek: but its my treat night and i usually do that - get it out of the way for the week ahead.
10.5lbs in 4 weeks not bad is it :) just another 3.5lb for stone- cud get it this week if i tried really hard. x
Well done on the loss!!!
Yes, Im reading your diary and its great! Im a Wii Fit fan too and almost unlocked everything now...I love doing it all!!!

Keep it up and good luck with the GCSE moderations, I know how hard Teachers have to work in preperation for this.
Aww thanks Mrs V - those words r really appreciated! thanks!:D

Well, today ive done another green day. Had boiled eggs for breakfast today and beans on toast for lunch. For tea i had pasta spicy tom sauce and quorn sausage. (Did extra for lunch tomorrow)

Did 20 mins stepping on the wii fii tonight and have just tucked into a vanilla sprinkled with dark chocolate muller light. Yummy!

So glad I have my new specs today! I can see again! yay! Hopefully goodbye headaches/migranes and tiredness!

Have been reading how well everyone is doing- this keeps me ever so inspired! So a big thankyou to all of u posters out there! :p

Nikki xx
Went on the wii fit today and it tells me ive lost 3lb- all good lol but lets see how those scales read on WI- they r the ones which matter haha!
Had to have those chicken wrapped in bacon stuffed with cheese n garlic for tea again tonight- they are so yummy! Had lashings of veg with it lol (feel sorry for the bf later when we in bed haha!!)

Went out last night - not a mad one but i did use more syns than i should have done- kinda made up for it today tho as i not used any!! YAY- keeping in mind the night is still young haha!

Added frozen summer fruits to my weekly shop to try with a meringue nest as a treat in the week. Looking forward to that!
well done on the weight loss, I need to start going back on my wii fit, have unlocked everything, but go out of the habit of going on. I have my 1st weigh in since starting back to class on wednesday, fingers crossed I will have done ok.
Hi frugal
I'm sure you will have done just fine this week hun. There is a thread which someone (forgot name) started not so long ago called the wii fit league table. Maybe this will give u a bit of incentive to push yaself on the wii fit:p Nothing like a bit of friendly competition hehe. Saying that i havent started on the thread yet but the wii fit is only new for me as ive only had it 2 weeks. But its defo something i'll do later when the 'appeal' wears off. x
Let me know how u do on Wednesday hun. (thats my WI night too!) x
Thanks for that Niknaks, will have to have a look at that thread.
OK today i have had Weetabix for breakfast. Bean on toast for lunch with a muller light and two oranges. Water Chestnut and bamboo shoot stir fry with egg noodles. AND just made a batch of those chick pea buns- MMMMMMMMM mmmmm! So i feel like ive stuffed myself when really ive only used up 3 syns!! AMAZING! i love this plan!
Thas been a bad day- not on the plan but just in general.
Been off with the flu hot one min, cold the next, can't breathe through nose aches and pains- its so rubbish!
Can't decide wether to go in tomorrow or not- part of me says i must as its moderation day (im a secondary teacher) and the other part says no coz i won't teach properly feeling as poop as i feel now!
I have managed to eat three meals tho- my appetite is still with me ha!
Breakfast- 3 quorn saus on toast
Lunch- Spciy couscous
Tea- 3

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