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No Added Sugar Squash?

Hopefully someone can answer my question, I really do not like drinking still water on its own so I've been having a tiny amount of no added sugar squash with my water, I just the bottle and it literally has no carbs or cals or anything, do you think this is ok?

Also I was wondering if we have to drink decaf or would I be able to have one caffinated tea a day? And is earl grey ok to drink?

Thanks in advance!
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Heya!! Squash is generally a no no even if low calories, no added sugar because of the citric acid - this can knock you out of ketosis. Also they are likely to contain Aspartame (basically a sugar). You probably would still lose a good amount of weight as your calories would be low HOWEVER, not being in ketosis will mean you feel hungry most of the time and you can be more likely to fall off the wagon. VLCDs work on ketosis but Its up to you though. Personally I would rather be in Ketosis!

As far as teas go, my memory is abit bad at the moment (probably because I have a raging headache while my body uses up its glycogen lol) but I think caffeinated teas are OK just dont add milk and make sure they are not fruit teas. I drink redbush (and sometimes green tea or nettle and peppermint) but thats because its the only one I like to drink black.

Hope this helps!
I'm a little confused now as we are told we can have tablet sweetners but they contain aspartame
e, also I hope caffeinated tea is ok as that's what I have been drinking, just checked the book again and all it says is you can have black tea and coffee nothing about caffeine. I like you Andrea, would love to drink squash as so struggling with water but I will play it safe!!
Thanks guys, looks like its just water and black tea then! Oops I've been having some squash and a tiny bit of skimmed milk in my tea but will stop that now
:( hope I haven't delayed getting into ketosis!
If you are really struggling Milk isnt so bad...Im an all or nothing type so have to follow things by the letter, but on the cambridge diet they had something called SS+ (SS is the equivalent to total solution), where you could have your products in the day and a glass of milk - many of which used it for tea. You still remained in ketosis too...HOWEVER exante has more calories in the shakes anyway so you may want to be careful.

I am sure someone who knows more about it than me will be along shortly..my brain is well and trully fried.


taking it 1 day at a time
If you want to drink your water flavoured, look for ones that contain malic acid instead of citric. I think the Perfectly Clear Strawberry and Kiwi fits the bill as do a couple of the still 2l Tesco flavoured waters. Sorry I can't be of more help, don't have time to check exactly which ones at the moment.
You can also drink tea and coffee, and any leaf tea. My favourites are nettle, fennel and green tea.


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Most tablet sweetners do not contain asparteme. That is usually granulated sweetner. Splenda doesn't contain in that. I have sweetex sweeteners and they are fine :)

I think some people on here get vlcd water flavourings from somewhere x


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I drink oolong and peppermint tea most the day. So I can cope with plain water at the mo :)
Things really should be made clearer in the book cos again it only says you can use tablet sweetners it does not mention that you cannot have aspartame, so I'm guessing it may be ok??


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Asparteme is an artificial sweetner. I do not think it would inhibit weight loss. I think in large doses it can have an effect on the liver. Some say it keeps you craving for real sugar. But I am unsure on that one.

I also wish the booklet was more extensive on info x
To be honest CD, never mentioned aspartame, thats something I came across when researching citric acid. Some people thing its less the citric acid and more the aspartame, but Im not sure really. Exante is based on the fact its a more natural TFR diet though and clearly states it doesnt contain aspartame so there must be something about it which isnt good.

Just on a side note though, I am assuming you are doing the working solution (Sharon) as your BMI is too low to do the Total Solution, you would probably be OK with having squash etc as you wouldnt be in ketosis anyway.

Edit: I should probably say everyone is different. Some of us go into ketosis more quickly and go into a deeper ketosis than others. When I did CD and I had my week of adding a meal I was in Germany and had a large chicken ceasar salad everynight and one day of binging - by no way following the diet at all, but also much better than I normally would be had I not been on a diet..I stayed completely in ketosis. Yet I know of other people who only had one meal and have knocked themselves out. It really depends on the individual.
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No I'm doing total solution, I thought it was ok to do it but when I get below a bmi of 25 I would then have to change to working? have I got that bit wrong?:)
Sorry I thought you meant me for a moment then! Think I need to read things properly, I'm blaming my light headedness!


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I am liking ts. Makes me feel
in control x
Sorry I thought you meant me for a moment then! Think I need to read things properly, I'm blaming my light headedness!
hehe its OK, its likely you read it before I edited, while I was typing it, noone else had posted, but by the time I posted it (which would have been next to sharons post) Isis, posted...we shall blame her instead...hehe ;):D *runs and hides*

You are right though Isis, it does make you feel much more in control. I dont feel hungry at all just wish the headache and grogginess would go away!!


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I will take the blame! Lol...it may make ya headache worse if I don't dream lol

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