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"No, I don't want to eat."

Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
How many times have you said this to yourself trying to convince yourself you don't want to eat, and then gone into a battle - Yes I do, No I don't, Yes, I do but I can't and then end up telling yourself you don't want to eat so many times you still end up doing it. That inner battle of self made me feel pretty miserable.

Thanks to the very wise KD and the book Eating Less which I'd highly recommend (and lots of footwork on my behalf), I've learnt that just because I want to eat doesn't mean I have to. I don't try and deny the hunger or craving thoughts any more, I am learning not to act on them. Don't get me wrong - I don't get it right all the time but that's not my aim. I'm just doing the best I can. I can see now what I do and don't do is my choice. I don't say to myself anymore 'I must do this' or 'I can't do that.' Forcing either way didn't work.

I think the reason I am being successful on maintenance this time is that I am learning I don't have to act on every food thought that pops into my head. I have a plan of what I'm going to eat, I know about what times and I have enough flexibility to know I can change my plan if I need to, but only after I've thought it through.

Today at the end of lunch, I really wanted some more, I mean really but I wasn't hungry. I am learning to recognise this addictive desire that can crop up before, during and even at the end of the meals and I can accept it for what it is, a thought.

I feel so much happier because I'm accepting all the thoughts that are going through my head, I'm not trying to deny how I am feeling and I'm learning which thoughts I want to act on and which ones I don't.

Life. Is. Good. :)
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Some day soon - that's gonna be me. :D

Well done, hun!​

loved this post

Thanks for this post from your heart so much of it made sense to me .
It is totally a lot of the conclussions i made also in this really difficult weight loss journey we spend so much time mentally batteling with our demons. These demons have served us so well for so many years so its difficult to shift them.

A x
Oooh, just my sort of post. This is exactly the point i am at now. Think i read something similar on here yesterday, (in fact i think it may have been yours or KD's diary!?) and have spent the day actively practising this. Well, i have been reading around the issues and practising for the last 6months, but it seems to be getting harder the closer i edge to goal. Thanks for the book tip, just what i need, something to put my hand on and pick up the tips/reminders when things get tough. Had half debated trawling through and making a compilation of posts like this to help me. I've read loads recently, but forget where i found them when i need to refresh self. Made a point of using the pause, before i allow myself to eat what i 'wanted' and it has stoped me binging several times today. I guess it just takes time and hard work before that becomes more of the norm than giving into the desire. Heres hoping that will come....... Thanks for the post xx

Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
Most welcome everyone.

Butterfly - I learned a lot from reading KD's maintenance threads so it may well have come from there. Eating Less really hit home for me too. There wasn't necessarily any new messages just the right message at the right time in the right way for me :)

Maintance is the hard bit. It seems I'm in a bit of a lull/honeymoon period but I'm aware that I could wake up tomorrow and feel like I've not learnt anything. One day at a time.

Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
Just remembered I meant to post this as a way to deal with cravings:

One thing I still do with hunger pains is try to channel them to someone who needs to eat for example, just imagine someone who can't eat because they are too ill but eating would be very good for them and send your hunger thoughts to them. It works very well for me when I remember to do it, and I'd like to believe maybe just maybe every now and then one of those thoughts can go to where they need to.
What a lovely heartfelt post xxx

Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
Thank you TS. It was heartfelt.

Nelly - I'm sending cravings to your Aunt right now. I'm not even hungry - I just want to eat. I hope she will too :)

ETA - You know there's one thing that's even worse than wanting to eat 'just because' it's knowing that even doing that won't make any difference. Grr ;)
What a brilliant post that is just how I am feeling its a constant battle I keep telling myself I dont need it I just want it and that is totally irrational. It doesnt always work hence my restart being Wed not Mon as planned but I find once I am really into the flow it gets easier.

Laura - I have just sent my feelings to all those people who are suffering hunger in Haiti (and counted my blessings at the same time)

Thanks for such a wonderful post; I'm learning to ask myself if I'm really hungry and so I want to eat more. I would be really interested in the book you mentioned, who is the author?? xx

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