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No more complaining!

Hi everyone,

I've been overweight all my life and I've decided to finally do something about it!

I'm sick of noticing I've put on weight then expecting it to just disappear by itself. I often complaining about my weight and appearance but what's the point if you're not going to try and change it? Decided to give myself a kick up the bum, as I've put on half a stone in the past couple of months - too much cider and too many takeaways!

I'm currently 13st 9lb, and at 5'1 that makes me 'morbidly obese' - I've calculated my BMI to 33.83. I would like to lose 3.5 stone to get my BMI under 25, and therefore 'normal'.

I'm doing the Slimming World diet as I am vegetarian and green days suit me perfectly. Tried this diet before and lost about a stone in a few weeks, so decided to give it another go.

Found this website through Googling syn values and decided to join! Seen some brilliant ideas already. Looks like everyone is very supportive and I'm looking forward to meeting all of you and becoming a new me!

Thank you :)
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Oh haha the site has calculated my BMI differently to me :( Does anyone know the correct formula to use?
For stone it's

weight [st] x 9840 / height [in] x height [in]

if I remember correctly, but ideally regardless of what you calculate your BMI as, at your height you shouldn't dip below 9-9.5st.
Ah thanks RayeRaye, I've just worked it out to be 36.070 - Guess I will need to rethink my goals!
Okay I've just done a recalculation, and I'd need to be 9st 6lb to be under 25 BMI. I think I'll stick to my original goal for now as it seems much more reachable to me :)


*Avid Gum Chewer*
Leigh, I just wanted to say that I am also bad for complaining about my weight and never being 'ready' to do anything about it and you are the same weight as me, though I am taller. Anyway, I just wanted to say Hi, and Good luck with you weight loss.
Thanks PopUp. I think it's something many people fall victim to. I think the first step is not just knowing you need to lose weight, but being in the right frame of mind to do it. It's too easy to give up otherwise. I usually put off my "start date" for one reason or another, but this time I feel ready for it :)

Hope you feel ready now, and good luck if you are :)
Okay I've just done a recalculation, and I'd need to be 9st 6lb to be under 25 BMI. I think I'll stick to my original goal for now as it seems much more reachable to me :)
Absolutely... what they say about small goals is true, don't set yourself a monumental task, because when you get set back it seems insurmountable and that's what leads to relapses.

The great thing is, you lose more weight more quickly at a higher body fat percentage than a lower one... you'll get a lot of encouragement and compliments on your weight loss, because in the first few months it's very noticeable... hopefully that'll spur you on :)
I agree. Three and a half stone already sounds like a very hard challenge to me, but getting under ten stone just sounds ridiculous! I've set myself mini goals all the way - half stone, one stone, one and half, club 10, halfway point etc. I also set goals every time I got my BMI down a point, but to be honest even though I set my goal to be under 25, it's not particularly important to me - I just want a body that I'm happy with, never mind what weight it is!
My clothing goals are to get into a size 14 then a 12. at the moment I'm just spilling out of a 16. I think having a goal to be a size 10 is too much for me - I don't ever remember being a size 10 and I don't think I even want to be! If I get down to 12 and feel like I'm still not quite happy then yes I will try to lose more, but thinking about it I think being a size 12 is my main goal :)

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