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NO motivation

Hi all, im new. I came across this site just googling weight loss. I am 5 foot 1 and 12 stone 12 and going up a stone every year. I have tried everything. At the moment im on Slim and Tone, before xmas i lost 6 pound on them which was great but then with xmas etc i just stopped taking them, i am back on them now over a week and im not getting the same effect. When i first was on them i lost all my cravens that id get every day, i only ate tiny amounts, my appitite was very small which was great but this time its not the same :( i dont know why. Im thinking about going back to W Watchers but the job i have id probably miss a few weeks and then just quit! :wave_cry: its gone to the stage now that i dont want to go out with friends anymore. Call me greedy or whatever but food is an addiction and people dont understand unles they are going through it. I tried Lipotrim OH MY GOD i was getting cravens for lettuce leaves i wanted just to munch on normal food after the 3rd day, them kinda diets dont work for me. Ive joined the gym more times and i dont like it, simple as, so no point joining anymore. So what is left, have i missed out on something, anyone please :wave_cry:
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hi, yea its tablets u take them before meals, u can get them in a majority of chemists. They were working great but when i went off track at xmas it doesnt seem to be doing the same, maybe next wk it will start again
isnt celebrity slim the shake drinks ? i dont like them replacement drink meals, how u getting on with it?


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Hiya :) There with ya with the food thing. Before I got my head in gear I used to be afraid to start eating in the morning cause once I started I couldn't stop. For me personally, therapy helped me loads. Know you are not keen on the meal replacement thing, but some of them involve some work on the food addiction thing and that may be helpful for you. Its taken me 42 years to get to the point where food no longer rules my life and I honestly do swear by sorting your head out first. Once your head is in that zone, it seems much easier. Really hope you find the solution for you. Have a good squint around the site, ask lots of questions, someone will always help :)
just cant say no to foods and i do have great intentions at night to start the next day, but then i wake up and never happens. The days i actually had no cravens for food on the Slim and Tone tablets was the first time i felt normal about food. Was great. Wasnt thinking about food at all. Scones in the morning and Soya milk Lattes? what do you think about them? fattening or ok? I do have one scone and i look forward to it when i go into work
I'm doing scottish slimmers and their moto is that nothing is banned as long as its within moderation and you count it in your daily allowance. Have never heard of Slim and Tone, how does that work? Do you have a calorie allowance? :) I still have a wee bit of chocolate.
i got them in my local chemist, they are tablets u take before u eat, as u can see above in other posts i was doing great before xmas aghhhh
im just reading over stuff on this website, and a lot of ppl have a calorie allowance a day, i must try that and see what happens, how are u getting on with the scottish slimmer ?
Christmas!! Its the bain of all dieters lol. Scottish Slimmers is good for me. I can work it around the family and its all easy stuff to make. I am a demon when it comes to planning, find that really helps. Out of all the dieting stuff I have tried(there have been many!!) never tried tablets. Everyone has the path that suits them though. :)
i will have to start tomorrow and no excuses, im going to put a goal thing up that everyone on this site has, i get no support when losing weight cause ive been saying it so many times people are prob just sick of me doing nothing about it, so im going to start and put this website on my desktop so the first thing i c when i log in is this :D
ahhh thats lovely, ill be on a lot, how do u get your weight size etc up under your name, that part of your profile
Its in your profile details bit, you know where you put wee bits about yourself, if you scroll down a bit you'll find it. And in Introductions there is a wee bit by Mini about how the site works, in the Stickys. And a wee diary will help too, kinda like your wee space to talk about your diet and life in general:)


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ahhh thats lovely, ill be on a lot, how do u get your weight size etc up under your name, that part of your profile
Hi Caroline,

If you click on the link below it will help you put up a weight tracker...it will show you step by step how to do it.


The link below will help you make your way around as Janey has said.:)

If you need any help please ask.

Love Mini xxx

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