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no weight lost in a month!

Your body may have got to the point where the deit will not work any more may be try more water and less cals as your body loses fat it needs as less cals to lose more fat iykwim. I have been stuck at 11st for monthes untill i swaped my diet to SF.
Yes, you will need to reduce you calorie intake as you lose weight. You should calculate your BMR, there are lots of calculators online just google for one.

Also, maybe your body is just getting to used to having the same amount of calories each day, knows what to expect and therefore manages perfectly (without losing weight) on that. When I did WW a few years ago, there was a popular solution for plateaus like the one you are experiencing. I do not know if you are familiar with WW, but you have points to use every day (which equated to fat and calorie content in food). Say you were on 20 points per day (based on your weight, i.e. linked to BMR), the basic WW diet is to use 20 points each day, day in and day out.

Someone discovered that when they were not losing weight, if they mixed the days up a bit with high and low point days, they started losing again. So over a week they would have say 16-21-18-16-29-16-18, so still averaging 20 points a day.

You could try the same with Slim Fast, having some normal days as you have been doing (making sure you count your calories, use your snacks, eat regularly and drink enough water), but add in some days where you have a lighter evening meal, and use the saved calories for an extra big breakfast and extra snack on another day. Never go under 1000 calories though.

Let me know how you get on if you do try this!


30 pounds to go
Thank u very much for the advice. I finally came to terms that I lost 50-55 pounds and I deserve a month break.
Im going to replace my shakes with small healthy meals and try to continue to work out and not to weigh my self daily.
Then in one month from not jump back on so that give my body a trick n thinks im in creasing my calorie in take and then ill re start my diet again and should have an amazing body by summer.
If im not loosing theirs no point in continuing now thank u again
Don't give in! You can do this! If you are fed up by shakes, by all means swap them for low cal food, but keep going girl, your are doing so well!


30 pounds to go
O so hard!!!! Lol! ! I tried today to stop and couldn't give in!!! Lol.
Ugh maybe exercise agai. And ill start loosing again.
I no ur body gets used to diets n that's y u stop loosing
But I need to maybe continue

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