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No willpower..


I can do this.
Hi Guy's, I'm sorry this isn't a happy post, but I'm well and truly P***ed off.:cry: The last 2 weeks have been a struggle and i can't get past 3 day's ssing.:( It's my wi tom and I've gained 1.lb,:( in 4 weeks I've only lost 7 lb:eek: and I'm beginning to wonder ,is it worth it.:confused: I know a lot of u have done amazingly well and u all deserve a medal, as for me...my willpower has gone AWOL.:( I feel I'm wasting my time and money, i need to think things through.:break_diet:
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uve had so so much going on and therefore shouldnt be so hard on urself. SSing is difficult without the added stuff. why dont u try 790 for this week and see what u think of it? u can still have a meal at the end of the day and u will be on track. i did mostly 790 in my first week and it helped loads! xxxxxxxx
Hun, you have had a really tough time lately so these are all reasons stopping you getting your head in the right place. However you know it works, look at how well you have done so far. I think you should talk to your CDC about moving to 790. I am finding it really helps me at the mo where I am struglling not to pick at food.
Dont give up completly you have got so far.
Don't beat yourself up 7lbs is still a LOT of weight, maybe you should consider the 790 if you're really struggling. You have done so well and you do have willpower as you've come so far and you've poured your concerns out on here rather than just going completely off the rails and stopping the diet altogether!!!

Big huggles whatever you decide but you have done so well and at the end of the day a loss is a loss even if it's not as much as you'd hoped for after 4 weeks!

awwwwwl Linda, I really feel for you. Things haven't been easy have they?

I really don't want you to give up - I know that you can do it hun. I've only lost 7lbs in the past 3 weeks so not much different to you BUT that is still half a stone in the right direction - we gotta remember that.

I know you've said that you are an "all or nothing" person and 790 may be difficult for you but I am the same and have found 790 very manageable. I go over on the veg portion but I figure that isnt going to make a huge difference and its better than eating some chocolate. Why not just give it a try for a week? You may surprise yourself.

Please feel free to pm if you want to chat



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Aww Linda. 790 does sound like a good option for you.

When I saw the title of this thread I was reminded of a post I made long ago on the Cambridge forum.

It was just thoughts, and although I approach things in a different way now, it served me well at the time. It was sent to someone else ages ago, and so you might not relate to some of it.

Will paste it anyway

I find that willpower is only on a short term lease. It’ll keep you going for a while, and then it all seems to fizzle out. The obstacles stay though and you have nothing left to fight them with.

My plan was to move the obstacles so that I wouldn’t need to test my resolve too often. I know what I’m like. I usually know the things that make me eat, and once I’m at that point, no end of reading lists….have bath, read book, etc, will work. If I am at the point of wanting to eat, I will eat. So I had to make sure that I didn’t reach that point in the first place. I had to anticipate the hurdles. I knew I could completely blow the diet in such a small window of time, so I had to rearrange my day to make sure that window wasn’t there. I planned it ahead.

I knew that with one bunch of friends, I could stay strong, and with another bunch, I couldn’t, so the ‘other bunch’ just had to wait for me to finish the job. Okay, it was putting my life on hold, but in the grand scale of things, it wasn’t going to be for long, I just wanted this too much and I am not strong enough to fall off the wagon for an hour or so.

I also know that I get bored very easily. I can rarely watch a whole programme from beginning to end, my concentration span is just way too short. So I’d start to watch something that I was really looking forward to, and within 15 minutes I’d be thinking about food. It was no good waiting until this happened, because once I was there, I just couldn’t fight it, so I had to plan everything in advance in my head.

There is usually a fair amount of food hanging around the place as I live with 3 ‘men’, so I had to keep it pretty much out of sight. If they left things out (which they often did), I put it away before I had the temptation. Generally speaking, I didn’t consider food an option to have to think about. It wasn’t a case of ‘I really shouldn’t eat that’, but ‘its not mine to eat’.

Some obstacles I couldn’t move, but I needed to get my emotions and environment in the best possible place so I could move forward when my willpower was mysteriously mislaid.

The lack of willpower showed itself in many different guises. For me, it meant eating, but it was also that little voice in my head that said

You’re close to target, what does a few pounds matter

It’s only for tonight, I’ll start again tomorrow

It’ll only be water weight, it’ll soon come off.

I’ve done so well, I deserve a treat or 5. etc etc.

I found that when I had these thoughts, I needed to ask myself what answers I would have given right at the beginning of the diet, because that was when I was really reading the right map. I just forgot to read those instructions sometimes during the journey. I get easily confused

We also have different resources and talents so we all need to work out different strategies to suit us, but work them out we must. The diet won’t do that for us. Finding the right strategy takes time but unfortunately we often quit when the strategy isn’t apparent straight away. Problem comes when we don’t change what didn’t work the first time and then wonder what is up with us, and why on earth are we failing yet again.

Better stop there.
Good luck on your restart. Make this the one that works for you.
Blimey! I talked a lot then. Haven't changed much eh :D


I can do this.
Hi Guys... just went off for a little sulk,lol.i think ur all right about the 790 plan... it's worth a try, thanks for coming through for me, just knowing people care makes a huge difference. Karion ur reply was very helpful, thank u. Jodie ur right 7 lb loss is in the right direction, it['s just that i wanted to shift this weight as quickly as poss, still ... better a little slower than niot at all because if i quit now, it really will be the end of my weight loss journey. Thanks to all.


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aww Linda...

Your willpower is in there somewhere. You just need to find it and give it a good telling off for leaving you to cope with this hard diet on your own.

My losses have slowed recently too Linda, and as I said on my diary this morning, CD may be the fastest way but its still not going to just fall off. We've got to work at it.

Hope you find the strength to stick with it Linda. Take it a day at a time.


Gone fishing
better a little slower than niot at all because if i quit now,
The 790 plan has almost the same weightloss speed. It's just some people prefer not to have food at all.

You could do 790 for a while, then always drop back down to SS when you are ready.

You could also have a good sulk;), eat a load, feel useless...but know you will do something...somewhen, put on a load of weight, then realise that doing nothing doesn't really help the situation.

What do you reckon? Give 790 a go? It gets rave reviews ya know :D


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:hug99::hug99:Hugs to you Linda, you have done so well...I know it's not easy but I agree with all that has been said...give the 790 a try for a while and ease back into SS when you feen ready.

Don't give up....we are here for you..:grouphugg:

Take care


I can do this.
Thankx all... i'm going to give the 790 a go. Karion ... sulk is over, lol.

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