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NOM Naturally Light Yogurts

I'm so excited about these because I'm fed up with muller lights and I think they taste alot better and creamier!

A few debates on if they were syn free or not but I have just ran them through the syn calculator after getting the nutritional information from their website and I am happy to announce they are syn free and also 5 for a £1 in morrisons just now.

Fill your boots ladies!! :D :D
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If its any help they have them in Asda, Tesco and farmfoods as well. Farmfoods were selling them 4 for a £1.


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^ that's why i'm asking... flavours differ, strawberry yogs and raspberry yogs in general are lower syns than plain flavours like vanilla or some of the fancier fruits like blueberry and rhubarb
Agree, these are lush :)
They are all free

Don't know how the vanilla one came out as 1.5? I'll double check it again.
•* NOM Dairy *•*

They all have the same nutritional information according to their website.

NUTRITION Typical values per 100g:

Protein 3.4 Saturates trace
Carbohydrate 13.8 Fibre 0.3
Sugars 13.7 Sodium trace
Fat 0.1 Energy 73kcal/311kJ
From SW website for a 180g pack

Free per package/portion on Extra Easy
Free per package/portion on Green
Free per package/portion on Original
ooh i just bought these today from the farmfoods near my work :) 4 for a pound! not as good as morissons but closer for me!

wasn't sure if they would be free or not so very pleased to hear they are! HUZZAH!



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AHA! I see what is going on here. I have the vanilla one in front of me and the nutritional info is different to the ones you quote from their website

kcals - 74
protein - 4.6g
carbs -13.7g
fat - 0.1g

and the results of plugging that into the calculator is:
1½ Syn per package/portion on Extra Easy
1½ Syn per package/portion on Green
1½ Syn per package/portion on Original

Now I'm wondering if the other flavours have different values on the packaging as well, and which to believe!
Hmm whats the nutrional information for the other flavours?

The website obv doesn't have the right ones.

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