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Noobie needing advice

Hi everyone:wave_cry:, just discovered this fab website and thought I would ask you all some advice.
I am a serial dieter, lol having lost 7 stone before so I am quite good at dieting.
Now my question is I have joined the jigsaw/unit diet and have been doing it for 2 weeks and lost 7lbs, now my prob arises with my 2 friends, they are both doing ww (I cant go as I have the little ones with me) but well to be honest I am feeling a bit left out from all there chat and encouragement for each other, because I am doing mine online apart from the forum which is excellent I havent really had any support.
My hubby says because I have been losing weight steadily for 16 months after little ones, people are used to seeing me losing weight and dont comment, but when we go clothes shopping it all seems to be about them losing weight, dont get me wrong I am so pleased for them but a little encouragement and support for me wouldnt go a miss, we all need it afterall, dont we?:break_diet:
So I am thinking about swapping to ww and going to the meeting on a Sat am, a ) this would be a nice little me time, b) I would be able to join in with their excitement.
Or do I stick to something that is working but I am missing out on the social aspect of it all.
any help appreciated
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I think I would stick with what you know works for you. As you have lost weight beforeyou obviously know what you are doing - you should be giving them tips. You will getloads of support on this site too

Maybe you could arrange to do some exercise with your friends to help the weight loss. Maybe go walking or something that you would all enjoy. Then you could compare how you are all doing.

Hi Daisybank, yeah your prob right thanks, just cos I have been with them today, luv em to bits but just felt bit pushed out.
Its hard sometimes doing it from home as when you go to a class, someone else is weighing you and patting you on the back, daft I know.
what diet do you?, youve had some good losses there, crikey
I was just reading a post about losses in their first week, someone had lost 19lbs, oh my god thats amazing I nearly fell of me chair
I am doing Lipotrom. Started Jan 1st. Its going OK so far but the first week was really hard.

I know some of the stories are amazing - I think I'm addicted to this site now!!
Thats the only thing, I dont know what half of these diets are, what is lipotrim is meal replacement.
I did slimfast once, but got bored of it.
And I was reading about that CD thingy but seems a bit confusing.
Oh my god you have lost over a stone in 3 weeks that is so good, ooh may have to swap camps to lipotrim lol
LT is where you have three delicious (!!!!!!!!) drinks a day and bucket loads of water and.................no that's it!
Takes a bit of getting used to but after the first week it's OK. You don't feel hungry at all and I feel really well if you know what I mean, kind of energetic. And of course if you stick to it you can't fail to lose weight :scale:
where do you buy the shakes from? what happens when you start eating norm again, sorry if thats a bit negative, just really would like to lose weight quite quickly and you have done amazing, do you just introduce it back slowly? did you feel hungry at the beginning, Id be scared of feeling sick?
I get it from my local chemist. They give you all the info you need. There is a refeeding program which you have to stick to, it's where you introduce protein foods first and then carbs. There is also stuff for maintenance. After about 3 - 4 days you do not feel hungry at all, I'm not saying I don't think about food but I am not hungry. I have done most diets going and I like this one best - it works for me anyway :)
sorry had to go last night, litle one was crying, so went straight to bed.
thanks for the info I will look into that one, seems really hard though, and got a girly night in a week so wouldnt be able to do that.
Why not join ww online, a) the cost seems high for the online and would want the support of the classes, if I was doing lt I know I would have to manage without the classes but the losses look amazing, thanks everyone.

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