Mrs V

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You just dont know your own strength!!! Lol


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I'd love a potato ricer too! Makes smoother mash...I love mash mmmmmmmmmmm:D


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Erm wtf were you doing?!

Principessa N

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Washing it! and the metal bit went pop and the masher bit fell off.
To be fair it was a smart price asda one, but still you expect it to last longer then a month.


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lol buy 2 next time 1 incase u break it again haha

sarah x


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You're not related to Uri Geller are you? :8855:


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Hi Mrs Muscle, how strong are you. xxx
Only on the Slimmimg World diet would you go through two mashers in a month! Haha, I prefer mine baked, though - so no problems for me! xx


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ooh yummy mash little one just had sausage mash and gravy for tea


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i want a ricer too


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I got a ricer months ago. I'd wanted one for years, and finally spotted a cheap one when I was looking for something else (typical!). I thought I'd use it HEAPS....I've used it once only, on Xmas day! lol Since starting SW I've developed a liking for Smash-couldn't stand the stuff before! Typical!

Principessa N

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Fear not i have a new one, a extra special one!! Trip to asda to get some of the new mullers (which were sold out) and i ended up with everything but the thing i wanted,
I haven't seen a ricer anywhere in the shops, i blame Nigella, she got me wanting one and told me i could get in the supermarkets and i've never seen one since.
Not even SW could make me turn to smash!!!!