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not doing good at all

Its my second day on the cambridge diet, i must be a fussy eater because im finding most of the shakes ive tried too much to stomach.
Yesterday i ended up having 1 chocolate shake because i hated the tomato soup and the vanilla shake.

So i had 1 shake and a meal from the 790 program.

Today i tried banana for breakfast, it basically went down the sink i dont know what to do!! :confused:
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Aww Butterfly, not sure what to advise (COLEY WHERE ARE YOU LOL)

To be fair the Tomato is rank. The chicken and mushroom is ok, as is the vegitable. The Chocolate tetra is really really nice. What flavours have you got? Did you get a good mix?

Am sure you will get some pretty sound advice shortly - so glug some water and hang in there for a while


Is it that you don't like the taste, or are they making you feel nauseous? You could make them up weaker and drink more water with them if the latter is the case. If it's the former, then it's going to be a case of finding the flavours that you like.

However, if you can't find something you like, you need more than 1 shake and 1 790 meal per day. If the same thing happens today and you only get 1 shake down you need to be picking stuff from the 1200/1500 programme in order to make sure you're getting all the nutrients you need. Have you talked to your CDC about this?


I have had clients who have found the shakes powdery and who only have the tetras, which is always an option. I have never thought the shakes were powdery but everybody has different tastes!

I even once had a client who had nothing but chicken and mushroom 3 times a day!
i got given :
banana- i cant really drink this i gag .
Tomato- i cant drink this either.
Vanilla- this was one of the worsts.
Cappuchino- the worst out of th bunch.

I could drink chocolate fine.

I also have:
Chocolate Mint
Toffee & walnut
and Chicken & Mushroom soup
I havent tried any of these yet so hopefully i will like at least 1!!!
its just the fact i hated the tastes, i messed around with recipes too i tried to make a banana muffin and that just tasted like salt!!!! and a yuky banana taste


If you like the chocolate maybe speak to your CDC about doing some swaps? It's better to only have one flavour than to try to soldier on with flavours you hate, and end up tipping them down the sink and not getting all your nutrients.

You will probably find other flavours you like once you've tried them all, though. I'd suggest that if you really don't like the taste in this first week, unless you can do some swaps, just hold your nose and drink them down as it's much better than going without (sorry, I know that's not a great suggestion but I promise it's best for your body nutritionally speaking!).

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