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Not doing too good

hope weigh in goes well for ya... im feeling a bit *pah* at the min with the thought of another whole week b4 weigh in but im realising its only me that can do antyhing about this weight sitting about feeding my gob all this extra food isnt going to give me my binki bod for june that im hoping for *(( well dunno bout bikini as my tum is now a mummy tum but will see if toning it up makes a diff)) but ull get there and when u do ull feel amazinggggg :D at ur big achievement xx


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Hi Tara and Emma!

I just started WW yesterday and had my first meeting, I'm still feeling all chirpy and (probably annoyingly:rolleyes:) excited about it all!
If you'd like someone to buddy up with or anything to keep you going, I'm on minimins lots!! :)

Good Luck getting your 'mojo' back :D
munky i started last week i was exactly the same as u chick check out my thread at my motivation lol i want it back i lost 7lb this week and i should be feeling even more motivated but it was damm hard work but yayyyyyy i want a weight loss buddie im on loadsss too :):) how much do u have to loose?


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My ticker says 22lbs, but that includes the weight of my clothes and is an evening weight (from class last night).
If I start to look too thin (for me) I might elect to stop a little earlier than that, as I am already (just) into the healthy bmi range, I'm just trying to get back to my previous target weight after a lot of yoyo-ing!!
Hi everyone.

Not been on here much lately as i am just not able to get focused at the moment.
I just feel really unfocused.

I know that i need a big kick up the you know what.

WI tonight. not hoping for much.
Everyone has off weeks. I hope you weigh in goes well & you are able to get back on track soon. Please don't be a stranger, it's even more important to come on here & post when you are struggling :hug99:
well we have a similar amount to loose... me a wee bit more ... the loss u have done so far is amzing (sorry didnt notice ticker at first)) but if u want a buddie to loose the last bit :):)


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thanks guys
defintely need to get my mojo back.;)

will keep plugging on. if i can loose about a stone before christmas it would make all the difference.

i usually exercise in the mornings but lately i have been finding it hard to get out of bed. I feel so good once ive exercised and eaten healthily daily then got a weight loss regardless of what amount.:sigh:


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well we have a similar amount to loose... me a wee bit more ... the loss u have done so far is amzing (sorry didnt notice ticker at first)) but if u want a buddie to loose the last bit :):)
Well I'm on here pretty much every day :)

I'd love to get my 10% goal shifted by Christmas, but I think that is probably a bit ambitious! I'm doing the points plan, and I'm planning to save my 4 points each day for a more relaxed plan on Saturdays, and exercise each day, but save the points to boost my weight loss :)
yeah i have 21 pts a day i use them all but do a 6 mile walk 3-4 times a week to boost it!! xx
good luck for tonight tara.. just think how you'll feel at xmas time being a stone less in weight - fantastic :) you know you can do it, and you know you want to do it otherwise you wouldnt be at class trying in the first place! keep up the good work and like Anna said dont be a stranger! we're all here for you :) x


Loves Norman Reedus
well, i am so pleased that i went as i lost the 1 1/2lbs that i originally put on. just think what the loss might have been if i had been more focused.
i am trying to get back on track and i have started my day with porridge and water (never thought that i would have liked it with water) and i really enjoyed it.
thanks for all your support. it really does mean a lot to me and it does help. i think for me personally, i could not do it on my own, and with my ww meetings and this forum, i know i will get there eventually. :26::109::gen126::thankyou::thankyou:
emma are you sure you're not a sugar addict lol? :p

also Tara, thats fantastic - you're over half way there to dropping a dress size (10lbs apparently :)) for xmas!! keep up the good work :) x
lol sweetne actually :p:p lol but i love comparing lbs lost to sugar bags have u felt how damm heavy those little bags can add up to be uve lost near 10 bags of the stuff go into tescos and walk about with 10 bags of sugar.... :D :):):)

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