Not doing well :(


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I'd suggest you keep going. How long have you been on it?

I found loads of the shakes horrible and didn't like any of the soups. Now I exist on only toffee and walnut with half a malted toffee bar every night. Its amazing what you get used to!

My CDC says to think of it like medicine. If someone said you could take 3 pills a day and lose a stone a month you'd do it whatever the pills tasted like. It's not gourmet food but it's not supposed to be!


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I started yesterday hun.

I've got quite a few left to try and my CDC said she'll exchange any at any time to suit me if I didn't like them. I'll try and get the rest of the flavours out the way today and tomorrow and see what I like.


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Hang in there Numnums, hopefully you will feel better soon.
You may find that later you actually like the Apple+Cin Porridge, I found that flavours I liked in the beginning I hated towards the end and flavours I hated at the beginning I liked after a month or so!!


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theres no many i dont like either,i can just stomach them,i washing a soup down with a few glasses of water which helps in many ways:), i have to say tho i like the fruits of the forest milkshake:D,
bare with it the taste do get a little easier to take


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What flavours have you got, hun? I know you don't really 'do' chocolate, so that cuts out a lot of my faves to recommend to you. But there are definitely some flavours that it might be best not to try today, seeing as you're already feeling pretty icky...

We could put it to the vote what you should try next... :D

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I think if you can continue with CD while you're ill, you can do it through anything, so keep on.

Sometimes it's too easy for us to find excuses to stop and start, just keep going, it's not going to make you any worse.

Hope you feel better soon hun xx


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Mmmm yes i second the choccy ! ... I dislike some of the soups but stomach them for a change but HATE the rest ... so im currently living on choc shake and choc tetras they are dreamy :)
stick with it .. just try what you have and then you can look forward to next week when you have all the ones you enjoy xx

Sarah Lou

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Hi Becca, sorry your not having a great day :( I've just got over having swine flu.. it was awful.. next time I get a bad cold I wont ever say I've got flu.. I know its a bit late in the day but I just checked in with my Sister who has had the jab as she is a nurse, she said her arm hurt like hell and she felt under the weather for a few days and then she was fine..

If your feeling abit off just make sure your drinking lots of fluids.. which is rich coming from me :D take care and let us know how you go tomorrow x


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Hang in there Nums -- I felt like rubbish for a few days after the shot, but I've not had even a cold this winter. Got the shot the first week they were available because I am asthmatic.