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not feeling very well...


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....ohhhh ffs....I get to day 5, a day where I finally have a bit of energy and feel normal only to start feeling the symptoms of a cold starting earlier this evening :(
My throat feels like I swallowed razor blades.
With all the water Im drinking, Im hoping that it will help flush the cold bacteria out of my system quicker.. Does anyone know of any cold 'n' flu remedies you can take on LT? A vast majority of them have sugar in them to give you an energy boost, most throat remedies contain honey and/or sugar too...
When my mum went for her initial consultation with the pharmacist the day she bought her first lot of LT, she had a sore throat. The pharmacist advised her not to start LT until she was completely fit and well again, does this mean I'll have to stop?

I bloody hope not! I don't want this week going to pot cos of a bloomin' cold! :jelous:
majorlymiffed.com :mad:
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I started my LT with a cold, I had it 4 days, I just took paracetamol and early night, was megga hard but worth it when I had weigh in. Don't give up Hun just plenty of sleep. X


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Am same Hun. Been like this since last week n it's not shifting. Doin my head in now. Am so so cold and it's so hard drinkin the water,.


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Thanks everyone :)

I feel like I have a bottle cork stuffed up each nostril lol!
It's proper poo having a cold :( mind you, was cheered up slightly today at my weigh-in, I lost 6lbs in 5days :D

Well, my Saturday night is going to consist of a hot bath, the new PJs I treated myself to today and my LT chicken soup! OH is working 'til 10pm, so luckily he'll only have a snack when he gets in (no cooking for meee!)

Oh yeh, if anyone is looking for sugar free throat lozenges, Bradosol were recommended to me by my pharmacist, they're antibacterial and have cleared my throat up brilliantly :)


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