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Not fishing for compliments....

....honest!!!!!! But I have uploaded a before LL pic (I probably got a little bigger than this too!) and one taken today in my signature.

When I look at other people's before and after/during, I can see a massive difference, but on mine I can't see four stone off (nearly!).

It's extraordinary, I know that I've lost weight, and I can see that in the pics, but not really four stone worth!

I know that the mind plays tricks and looking in the mirror isn't really accurate in your head, but I thought photos would be!
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You look amazing hun although your baby really steals the limelight in the first pic ;), loving your hair xXx
LOL FYM, maybe I should try fishing for compliments more often actually! Hee, hee! The only photos I have of my fat days are that one and one taken on my birthday - on both I'm sat down and I wasn't happy they were taken, as you can see from the face! I usually cover my face with my hands so the photo would be useless anyway, but was a bit preoccupied feeding the baby in that one so not much I could do about it!
fish away!
you deserve the compliments hun, you are looking gooood!
daisy x
Hah! I just commented on your new pic on another thread even before seeing this one, saying what a big difference there is! ;)

Try this - I did this earlier, as I still look at myslef wrong. Cover over your face in a photo - just block it with your hand and look at just your body. DOes it look different to you without your face attached to it? It did for me.....just thuoght that was interesting.

ANywayy you look great! And it is quite noticeable!! :)
Better go back to the optician! I see loads of difference - your face is more defined, your neck is slimmer, and even with the horizontal stripes I can see your shoulders, arms and chest are smaller!
Well done on your achievement!
You deserve every compliment you get hun xXx
Ah!! I never thought about that! And do you know, it does make a difference!! My brain is so mean!! I'm going to have to keep on taking pics until it sinks in!! I was just reading the other thread and someone suggested taking video (think it was you or SB) and think this is a great idea! That would be very interesting.

Daisy, thank you!! There is no doubt that you are going to be stunning in your after pics because you already are!!! ;-)

PS - BS, that blue looks so fab on you!! I love it!
yeh i can notice a differnce on ur arms and face u looking g8
LOL Somewhere!! I've just got new glasses too - you'd think I'd see clearly through them wouldn't you!! ;-)

I've just tried BL's suggestion and scrolled the page so you can't see my face on the photos, and do you know I can see the difference!!!!! What IS that all about?!!
Can I delete this thread now?? I've embarrassed myself!!! ROFL!!!
no you can't ,cos you wrote something nice about me on it!!!
daisy x
Where to start

Gorgeous baby

Love the hair cut to just showing my hair dresser for when my hair grows back fully .

As to 4 stone loss you can see a difference in the new hair cut pics to todays so you can deffo tell you have lost weight but you have to take it off from all over you body so 4 pound from thigh 4 pound from left bum check and so on . It is harder for you to accept the amount as we see it all in on 4 stone lump not in portions ,(hope that made sense it does in my head but my head is a strange place to be LOL:8855:)
Anyway I am now 9 months down the line and today I suddenly looked at my legs and thought they were slim :eek: then when I tidied my kitchen draw out found a pic and didnt reconsie myself but hey as i said my head is a strange place .But it may explain why my son walks past me in town ,his other half had to tell him I was there then he didnt see me first time he looked back lol.(Maybe he was just hoping not to have to talk to me but then he wouldnt get no sunday dinner so dont think that was it really )

Great weight loss hun xx
PS - you look fab & it's a real inspiration for us new(ish) joiners! Plus baby, very gorgeous.
That little baby is now seven months old and happens to be called......Charlie!! :p

Thanks for the comment!! Can't believe I'm actually and inspiration now!! YAY!
Thanks Snanna!! That's lovely - at 38 I can use all the years off that I can get!! ;-)

Mandy, thanks so much for the lovely comments too!! I'm so delighted you like my hair and have printed out the pic!! LOL!! I've got lovely ones that my hairdresser used if you want me to send them to you!! Honestly, that really made me feel so complimented! I've just been telling my hairdresser (and friend!) on Facebook!! ;-)
I do think we (and other people close to us) have a mental blueprint of how we look. So when you see your face you automatically convert what you see in the pic to "fat me". I know it took me a long time to see myself as big (I was a very slim child and young adult), not recognising myself in shop windows/mirrors etc. Now the "fat me" image has taken over, and I look forward to reversing the process!

And no, you can't delete this thread - come back to it it a couple of months and see where your head is then!

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