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I have decided not to carry on doing SW as it really doesn't agree with me. I don't want to diet anymore I just want to lose weight. I do know a lot about SW though so I would still like to post on the forum but I just won't be participating in the diet myself!! :)
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Hi Janey, Im afraid losing weight and having to diet go hand in hand. Which ever eating plan you choose to follow will feel like a diet cos it will be different from your usual way of eating whether it is low gi, low carb, high fibre or one of the many others out there. Personally ive found SW to be the least restrictive out of all of them. Personal choice though so I wish you luck in your quest.


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Hi Janey,

I think Paul McKenna's principles are ones that so many of us can do with learning and they do work. They have helped my husband to slow down and take his time and eat and also have made him more aware, which is a huge step in looking after ourselves.

We watched Paul on television last year and found it very good common sense a lot of it.

I look forward to seeing how you get on. We already have a few here on MiniMins following the Paul McKenna principles, posting in the Paul McKenna forum.

Love Mini xxx


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Hi Howie! Yes you're right! And I did find SW very easy and I did lose 2 stone. But SW causes me to experience terrible bloating and I even contacted SW about it to see if it was just me or something I was doing! SW has always been my preferred "diet" but I think I have come to the conclusion that I don't want to diet at all and I don't want to eat in such large quantities or have to keep referring to a book to see if it is free/HE/syns. With PMK I actually eat very little, don't obsess about food and experience no bloating, and also lose weight.

But I do love SW and know lots about it and would like to stay on this forum to help with any syns queries and just chat. :)


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Hi Mini! I too watched Paul McKenna's series on Sky One last year, and also on GMTV at the beginning of this year. His technique is so simple it almost made me want to burst into tears thinking about all the years of "dieting" and going without.

I think there is a diet or plan for everyone and it's just a question of which one suits us as individuals. I know people who thrive on WW for example but I tried it once and found it hell. I was permanently hungry and ended up with permanent pmt haha!

Paul's system is so simple and suits me very well. I never have to feel hungry. As a vegetarian I could never follow the Red plan on SW and the Green one was just too healthy for me. I have a flat tummy on PMK, no bloating in sight!! I am envious of those people who can eat Green and not get a reaction.


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The only way any of us are going to succeed at this is to find the 'right' diet.

For me its WW, I could enthuse about why I like it for ages, and conversely tell you what I dont like about SW etc, by the same token everyone succeeding on SW will be able to list why ITS the best and say why they dont like WW or another one.

Its all down to personal choice, so long as you stay focused on your goal how you get there doesnt matter, be it CD, WW, SW or PMCK - so long as you find a diet youre happy with and can stick to.

Good luck with PMCK Ill be interested to hear how you get on with that :)


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Well, I think we're all in the same boat (all be it a very very big boat!) so whether we're following WW, SW, LL, CD, RC, Atkins, SB, Cabbage Soup or what... it doesn't matter. We're all trying to get to that one fabulous place (Next.. new years sales size 12 without having to try things on ;) ).

Best wishes with Paul chick, let us know how you're getting on. :)

K x

PS - SW is still the best! ;) lol!


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You gotta do whats best for you Janey, you gotta sit and think what you really want and weight loss will come natually, so to speak, fingers crossed whatever you choose to do xx


Hiya I have had a bad day today with my unit diet started off good then it lapsed. I just want to lose this weight for once and my health will get better went to doctors because it was getting me down asked if there was any help and he said what about a dietician and did not fancy that he mentioned reductal tablets but my blood pressure was up fpr them and does not like giving them if blood pressure is up a little bit so i said im trying on my own and he said do you find it hard doing it on your own so i said yes .Then he mentioned slimming world and said why not try sw as that is a healthy lifestyle plan .I have to have blood tests for thryrod and sugar .
Just want a plan that will get this weight off.



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I truly believe there is a diet or plan out there for everyone.

Perhaps Slimming World could be for you then Bethany?

Don't worry if you get confused over what you can have on a Red or Green day as there are lots of people who can help you here.

I've decided to lose weight the Paul McKenna way but I think Slimming World is an excellent diet. Very nutritious and it works. :)

Good luck whatever you decide to do.