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not for the faint hearted!......


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Sorry this isnt going to be very nice just need a bit of advice!

i have done cd before and found that in the first week i was quite constapated and need to use duelax

so this time round i was prepared for that but its day four and i havent taken anything but i cant keep off the loo!

also (and im sorry for this but) its...well, its very yellow (urgh urgh urgh.. i know!)

anyone any ideas? is this a side effect and has anyone else had this?

thanks guys xxx
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I got it in my 1st few days i think its just your bodys way of adjusting hun ?? x


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thanks just needed to know it wasnt just me!!
thanx hun xx


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Yip, I was exactly the same! It looked like breastfed baby poo! pmsl
Hi ladies
Rather than reaching for Dulcolax, how about trying a prevention method?
Your CDC supplies Fibre 89 which can help with constipation. Also you can get psyllium husks online to help. You can also use plain fybogel from the chemist. Psyllium Husks Digestive Fibre - 300g tub
Try Senna before Dulcolax as Dulcolax can give you nasty cramps.


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good good i feel a bit more normal now!
(well i will do!)


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Yup Ive noticed that - its a bit like mucus - urgh!!

Its like the choc milkshake hasnt digested at all!


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Oh no Unreal, mines was more like chicken korma, sorry gross but true! :D

Mucus in poo is never good btw! If you have that again get it checked out, can indicate Gallstones (and many other things). But then again, i don't know it could be normal for cd.

C xxx


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Oh no i just meant it looked like it - i have days where its just so runny!

Wish i hadnt looked in this thread now lol


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Its good to share, my Mummy always told me!



Will be slim!!!!!!!
has everyone been constipated? coz im on day 8 and have been going everyday! maybe im not normal lol xx


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o god yeah i was on laxatives for the first 2 weeks of the diet last time! x


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PMSL!!!! You lot are hilarious!!!:D (By the way - mine are more blacky green and mostly daily. Thought i'd share that with you, LOL!!!!)

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