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Not gaining...but not losing either!!

Hi everyone, I'm writing because I'm in a bit of a grump :(
I've been doing Atkins religiously for almost two months now, and I've lost 17/18lbs...but the last two weeks all I've done is gain and lose the same 4/5lbs over and over.
I KNOW Atkins works for more than a month so why am I stuck now?? The only thing I think it could be is that I stopped forcing myself to drink so much water...but now I need to kickstart myself back into losing weight!
It's just so disheartening especially when I KNOW it works! :confused::(
Sam x
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Gaining 4lbs would be unusual without something having crept into your diet to make you retain water. Calorifically it's nearly impossible to gain 4lbs in a week, so a fluctuation that big would usually be water related.

Most people can see fluctuations of a couple of lb in a day, though. Are you weighing yourself at the same time (morning, after loo before breakfast ideally) and on the same scales?

Do you keep a food diary? It's easy to get a bit of 'carb creep' after being on the diet a while. I don't mean eating prohibited foods, just eating a little too much of legal ones that do have some carbs in, like leeks or... Well other things I might be able to remember if it wasn't 4am.

Are you eating high fibre food aka mims or low carb bread type things? Mims are legal but too many can bulk you out as fibre holds onto water and that could cause a false 'gain' for some people.

Do you eat Atkins bars or sugar free sweets? I stall on those, badly. Other people are stalled by too much cheese, or nuts, an assortment of things. Now your body is used to being low carb you might find it has a few weeks where it gets extra picky about what makes it stall - it's looking for wats to adapt.

Posting your food diaries would help people say if they see anything that might be the cause.

But take heart! You've had a really good loss and it could be your body is just taking time to catch up to itself.


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Oh and do drink the water. Counterintuitively enough, drinking water stops you retaining water. If your body thinks it's not getting enough, it will hold onto supplies. If you're drinking plenty then it can let the extra go.
Yes Sam, Rose has put it perfectly, I'd think of carb creep my self
Ahh thanks for your replies. I have been having a MiM a day, so I think it could be water weight.
Also I've had two Atkins bars in the last fortnight so could be that too. Obviously better stay off those!!
I'll see how this week goes. I just struggle without a daily MiM because I've a real sweet tooth!! Lol.

Rose, on minimins at 4am? That's hardcore!
Hope you are both well and thanks for your advice :) This website is so useful when I'm fretting!!
Sam x

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