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not happy !!!

well as you know i was due a operation n they cancelled it at the last minute due 2 very low blood pressure and said they wont do it untill ive bn eating propley 4 for wks didnt know this but apparantly anorexic ppl are only 300cal less than us c a wk !!was really shocked then we ended up having a very heated conversation bout lipotrim arhhhhhh so its looking like i wont b having it anytime soon lol ive got a long way to go yet oh well ho hum sorry bout the post but fuming lol !!!!:mad:
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Hi Loulougirl
Sorry to hear that. It seems there are a lot of people out there that dont understand the program and straight away slate it without understanding what it is all about. None of my friends are in favour at all. The only person that is, is my husband (thankfully)!
Hopefully you will get your op soon and be lighter at the same time.


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Hi loulougirl, sorry to hear your not a happy chappy :D

It is so annoying that we are given conflicting advice from professional people who, like Scotsmist says, don't really understand the program :sigh:

But surely if you have low blood pressure it really needs sorting out before anything else can be done? Good luck with getting this sorted and with your op :D


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Oh loulougirl, I'm sorry you are up against it. Only if people take the time to really look into lipotrim, they will find it's nutritionally balanced. My Mum is still freaked out about the diet and I'm on maintenance now!!!!

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Sorry bout your op, you just reminded me I am due an op and just started on LT :eek:


Here we go again!
Sorry they cancelled on you Lou. Why would Lipotrim be sold through chemists if it wasn't good for us? I don't understand some people's views about it. If they knew more about it they would know it's doing us so much good. We're always being told to lose excess weight and the minute we do we're told that's not healthy! Damn them.

Hope your op gets sorted out soon.


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Hi Lou, you must be very disappointed not to be allowed your operation. Stay strong and take care of yourself.
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Hiya Lou, well I've been told that I need to lose 5 stone before they will operate on me so we can never do the right thing - sometimes people are just never happy no matter what you do. Stay strong xx


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aww thats pants lou - what was the op for if you dont mind me asking ...

im with bev - why an earth would LT be sold through a chemist AND actually start from a GP if it wasnt good for us? Pah!! don't listen to em - bozos! lol


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I know this might be a bit contraversial (sp?) but why tell them? I mean WE know we're getting everything we need.

I remembered reading on here that someone had had to have dental treatment without anaesthetic because of being on LT so when I needed some I didn't tell them - well they didn't ask anyway.

I totally accept that someone having a general anaesthetic is more at risk but I really can't see why LT would make any difference in reality and practicality.

Possibly some arse-covering going on IMHO. xx
hi i didnt tell em they kept me in 4 7 hrs doin my blood pressure n coz it kept dropping im thinking coz i never had water n my usual coffee fix my blood pressure woz obviously gona keep goin down as the water is abig part of lt n wanted to run further tests so they could do the operation later n was asking about my food intake so i told them n they said they woudnt do it til 4 wks of food oh well ho hum it wernt abig op its infection in my toe nails lol simply op i aint got long left so will have it done then just couldnt believe the way the put lt down when ppl lose n r well on it and have bn for yrs !!!x


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What a pain for you! Hope you don't go to the bottom of the list & have a long wait! x


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Hi Lou Lou,

One of the reasons I have started LT is because I am due surgery in 2 weeks and they told me to lose weight. They didnt say do LT, I must admit but surely weight loss is weight loss. I have to say I have had fleeting concerns about how Ketosis might affect anaesthetic but being lighter will make my recovery much quicker and the surgery more effective. Fingers crossed they dont cancel me too as my BP is naturally low!!!

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