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  1. SandyT

    SandyT Full Member

    Why I'm doing it, How I'm doing it, My Diet & Diet Sheets, My Training/Toning Regime, My inspiration

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm Sandy, I used to be 9st4 pre-babies and physically fit (Army/gym/classes etc) I have 3 kids 19, 17 & 4. well you know the baggage +++
    1998 - diagnosed with Hip Dysplacia --Shocked as so fit, out on exercise with Army when I injured my hip.
    2000 - Had massive hip operation -cut pelvis in 2 and moved ball & socket to re-align joint, traction for 2wks (17wks non-weight bearing) then had to learn to walk again
    Couldn't exercise anymore due to pain and trouble in walking - weight piled on etc etc

    14st 1 lb 4 oz - my heaviest ever! Refused to buy bigger clothes. I had been to weight watchers on and off for yrs but knew that when Atkins first hit the headlines and I tried it - I knew it worked, so thought, ok back to it. I set a start date: 1st September 2012 and I read, read, read, and did lots of research and planning before I started, I printed off recipes, done my shopping and was well prepared for the 1st to arrive.

    I did induction slightly differently.... instead of hardcore day 1 -GO! The first week, every carb I would normally eat - I halved it over first 2-3days and increased whatever protein I was having in a form of transition if you like. ie Bacon sarnie became 1 slice of bread cut in half with 4 rashers of bacon and so on, then quartered the carbs until I was only on protein and carbs were under 20g. That way I managed to miss out the headaches.

    Then the diuresis starts (wee wee wee) as ketogenisis kicks in - water molecules stick to glucose molecules = bloating, ankles swelling as the day ends, tight waist bands etc. As the glucose depletes, away goes the excess water, down the loo. I had to weigh myself on day 4 and got such a shock, id lost 4lbs straight already - wow thats like two fab wks at weight watchers. By the end of the week I weighed 13st8.8, two wks later I weighed 13st5.

    I went on an all inclusive holiday at the beginning of Oct - tried my best to stick to plan, but by day 2, I was really hungry as the protein wasn't really available to keep to plan, so came off but tried to stick to what I could for damage limitation. 13st13.8 when I got back :0( BUT I was 13st3.2 by the end of that week post-hol :0)

    I started Zumba 4 weeks before xmas - loved it - hard, but I managed (12st12.0) so my hip held out. then the following wk added an extra Zumba class, wk before xmas I did 3 class.

    Started Free Weight Training 7th Dec - Using dumb bells to target arms, chest, shoulders, back, legs/bum (squats/lunges) and bought a swiss ball. As the weight was coming off, my arms, bum and belly were starting to look saggy - CAN'T HAVE THAT, i said, hence doing something about it. Slowly increasing classes and weights as I felt able. Made my motivation shoot up when the cm's started coming off rapidly too.

    Measurements at the start:

    Chest 84cm Waist 87cm Hips 114cm Upper Thigh 66cm Lower Thigh 56cm Calf 44cm Arm 34cm Weight 14st1.4

    Today (6/1/13):

    Chest 75cm Waist 71cm Hips 101cm U Thigh 57cm L Thigh 50cm Calf 40cm Arm 32cm Weight 12st2.0

    I have started a 12 week programme for woman to tone and create curvy muscles - I use dumbells, swiss ball and multi gym (Maximuscle £179 Argos) Its 35-40min Mon and Tue, Wed off, 35-40mins Thurs and Fri, wkend off, but I do Zumba 2-3 times a week now and Pump class if possible. I can feel the muscles under my skin now and my legs, waist and arms are toning up lovely - Im so pleased with what Ive achieved in such a short time.

    But remember...... you have to want to do it!!! :whacky068::whacky068::whacky068::whacky068:

    This is my look I am aiming for:-


    and this is what I was doing this morning:-


    I couldn't have done that a few wks back carrying all this extra weight:-

    Motivation sock2.jpg my motivation sock (full of rice that I exchange each week for weight loss)

    Anyway... thats my journey so far xxxx
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  3. Kat1e

    Kat1e This is for life

    Hi Sandy:wavey:

    Good to see your diary and thanks for sharing your story so far - that's fab:D
  4. ladyfelsham

    ladyfelsham Clean green leafy machine

    Hiya Sandy

    So great to see your diary, and what great motivation - you will absolutely nail it! :)
  5. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    Well hello Dr T :p

    Glad u have a diary :D

    Loving the exercise!!
    Loved that induction how u did it! I've been feeling awfull today and had bad headaches all week wish I had took that approach!

    Have a lovely eve xxxx

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  6. SandyT

    SandyT Full Member

    Eee I know, can't do the headaches, but worth a try next time. My shoulders and obliques were killing yday lol - I went to Zumba on Sun night and last night too!!!
  7. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    Blimey!! Is Zumba hard? I'm starting aerobics next week there's a few Zumba classes too, think I'd probably make an idiot of myself lol x

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  8. SandyT

    SandyT Full Member

    If you like dancing - doesn't feel like exercising but it's designed to use every muscle in yr body!
    I found it hard to keep up on 1st go and wasn't sure but went back and now I'm hooked, been twice this wk already.
    Its based on Latin, Spanish, Mamba, samba, meringue music so it's all go.
  9. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    Ohhhh I may give that class a go then! Don't wanna look like a twonk though if I can't keep up lol I'm so unfit! Xxx

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  10. ladyfelsham

    ladyfelsham Clean green leafy machine

    Give it a go, hun, lots of people I know love it and hate if they miss the classes :)
  11. SandyT

    SandyT Full Member

    Here here- like the instructor says "if you can't make it - fake it"
    theres no rules to Zumba and its a non verbal que class, you just wiggle and giggle and have fun that's why it says Zumba, come join the party!!!
    go bet u get hooked :0)
  12. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    Oh go on then Uve persuaded me!! ;)
    I start thurs!

    Hope Uve had a good day today Hun xxx

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  13. ladyfelsham

    ladyfelsham Clean green leafy machine

    LOL sounds good to me :D
  14. Kat1e

    Kat1e This is for life

    Morning Sandy, I'm a Zumba addict too:). Actually had to cut back my classes as was costing too much - oops!
  15. SandyT

    SandyT Full Member

    Haha I'm heading that way too xxx
  16. ladyfelsham

    ladyfelsham Clean green leafy machine

    How are your menus going Sandy, still enjoying it?
  17. SandyT

    SandyT Full Member

    Yeh, I'm really into chicken cordon bleu at the minute, chicken breast wrapped around emmental cheese and ham and the chicken wrapped in smoked streaky bacon- sooooo filling and gorgeous! Still having protein shake for breakfast as can't do egg every day, tuna or Mackeral for lunch xx
  18. ladyfelsham

    ladyfelsham Clean green leafy machine

    Sounds lovely - I am such a fan of cheese, bacon and chicken - and of course let's not forget more cheese :D
  19. SandyT

    SandyT Full Member

    Just bought some Maximuscle Promax protein drinks (23g) and ZERO carbs at Tesco £1.49, can be used as a meal, snack or post-workout/training and come in 2 flavours, orange and lemon & lime 330ml, not bad price for that amount of whey protein.
    Salmon with chilli and lime for tea tonight post Zumba.
  20. SandyT

    SandyT Full Member

    I took the plunge last week and got a Body Composition Analysis done at the gym.... I was dreading it, as had no idea where I was at, my oh my have things changed, no body fat callipers or bmi scales, no no...... Electrodes attached to your hands and feet and your plugged into a blinking computer!!!!

    wow.... I was pleasantly surprised I must say:-
    > Lean Muscle 70%
    > Body Fat 30%
    I was worried about hydration, as being on <20g carbs, my average is 13g/day I had a feeling I would look dehydrated in the figures as when you have no carbs, water doesn't stick!! And I drink between 3-6L water daily. But I was at the lower range but in range for stored water and hydration. The gym manager said my numbers were really good but I did get told off for eating so few carbs as it will end up in losing muscle as I do daily hour if Zumba, sometimes twice daily plus an hour of weight training. So I will have it redone at the end if the month and see where I am at.
  21. SandyT

    SandyT Full Member

    Food Logs, Exercise Log, Weight Loss for 2 days

    I follow what and how bodybuilders eat - every 2-3hours in small meals & snacks - in return for doing this, your metabolism goes through the roof, you have stable blood sugars, as eating big meals 3 times/day or the wrong snacks causes a huge insulin spike and can make you over eat, plus your metabolism slows down.


    2 Poached Eggs (Protein) (~100g) 147kcal 0 Carbs 12.5g Prt (1 egg & 1 rasher of back bacon)
    1 slice Bergen Bread (Soya & Linseed) (Low GI) 89 8.6g 5.3g
    500mls Water

    Multi Vitamin & Mineral
    Vit C Slow Release
    Omega 3-6-9
    Thermobol Capsule


    Fage 0% Greek Yogert (50g) 29kcal 2.0g Carbs 5.2g Prt
    Blueberries (50g) (blasted in microwave 1min-cooled in freezer) 16 2.6g 0.3g
    250mls Water


    Smoked Mackerel Fillet (~90g) 176kcal 0 Carbs 12.1g Prt (John West Tuna Twist)
    Cucumber (100g) 15 0 1.0g
    Hartleys Low cal Jelly 5 0.7g 0
    Strawberries (100g) 28 4.9g 0.8g
    500mls Water


    PHD Pharma Protein HT Shake (1 scoop) 97kcal 1.1g Carbs 18.2g Prt
    200mls Water


    Chicken Breast 135kcal 0g Carbs 28g Prt
    Emmental Cheese (50g) 194 0.2g 14.5g (Old El Paso Tortilla)
    Ham (30g) 40 0.7g 7.0g (Onion/Peppers)
    Smoked Streaky Bacon (84g)(3-4 rashers) 230 0 16.6g (Old el Paso Seasoning)
    (chicken breast stuffed with ham/emmental and wrapped in streaky bacon)
    Roasted potato (100g) with garlic and red onions in olive oil 82 15.9g 2.1g
    Low cal tonic water 350mls

    If I didn't have such a large dinner, I would have another snack ie PHD Protein or Greek yog/raspberries

    Daily Totals:- 1375kcal 36.7g carbs 146.6g Protein

    Exercise: 1 hour of Zumba and 1 hour of Pump FX = 799kcals used, average heart rate 123, maximum heart rate 157 (within in range)

    My BMR
    (basal metabolic rate) is 1494 kcal per day

    Weight lost: over 2 days: 2 lbs 2

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