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Most of you I am sure know I have been researching having Gastric surgery to aid my Diabetes management and weight loss.

Last month I bit the bullet and AGAIN approached the Doctor for a Referral after having had my Diabetic Review - the Diabetes Doctor was very supportive of my mention for Gastric Surgery and wholeheartedly urged me to approach my Doctor again for a referral - she is in the belief that this will definately slow the progression of my Diabetes complications - if you think I was diagnosed as Type 2 in Jan 2009 and then in April 2009 I had emergency surgery for a detatched Retina caused by Diabetes, I am now left with a LOT LESS sight in my left eye and full of fear as been told there is an 80% chance the same thing could happen in the other eye - this panics me as I use this eye alot to compensate

Anyway took the Diabetes doctors advice, saw my Doctor and he put me on a months supply of Xenical. This raised my levels (so infact could have done further internal damage!!!) and just gave me bad symptoms of bloating, trapped wind, excessive wind and a seldom but nasty oily discharge - urgh!!

SOOOOOO went back to Doctors today (exactly a month later) and asked again for the Referral, We discussed this previous month with Xenical then he weighed me AND AGREED TO A REFERRAL !!!! WOOHOO!!!!!

I know this will be a controversial post/thread as I understand a lot of people don't agree with this kind of surgery - hence the title "Please be happy for me".

I asked for a copy of the referral as have been told this is handy should the next stage be rejected and it goes to Appeal. He looked shocked but said he'd post me out a copy. Hopefully this'll ensure he puts every detail into the application, he is not well up on Diabetes - I told him the Xenical had raised my levels and he said "What Levels?" - Grrrrrr!!!!

SOOOOO now the waiting game - he refers me, sends me a copy of the referral then I wait to hear possibly about 6+ weeks to find out if the bigwigs decide to fund the operation on the NHS...... I know it can all get rejected at that stage but my Diabetes Doctor advised me to get the copy of the referral so if it does go to appeal I can fill in any blanks he may have left out. Apparantly I fit the criteria and am in higher chances of funding due to Diabetes, age etc..... time will tell.

Please be happy for me and wish me luck even if you don't agree with my decision. I have thought this through, I've read the horror stories and the success stories, I know nothing is 100% guaranteed, I've revised the procedures etc......

STAGE ONE - get Referral - CHECK!

STAGE TWO - get the go ahead re funding

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good luck to you too
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Good luck, it's your body and you sound like you know what you are doing, I am happy for you!!

Keep us posted.



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Good luck. I'm sure it will be better in the long term than taking drugs with nasty side effects


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I'm happy for you! :D

We all have to do what we feel is the right thing for us. You have made your decision, and for what it's worth, I think I would make the same decision in your shoes. My Granny died due to diabetes complications, and the condition (of varying types) runs in my family. My Dad has it and so do quite a few other family members on that side of the gene pool, and it's one of the reasons I want to shift all this weight now............before I follow in their footsteps!

I wish you all the very best :)
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I don't think anyone would be horrid about your pending op. It sounds as if you are exactly the person it was intended for.

I hope you do not have to long to wait.

Fingers crossed for you !!!


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different things work for different people and if you've decided this is best for you then people should / will support you :)

(with regard to getting the surgery approved through the PCT it may be worth you gettng a copy of their policy and criteria for surgery. different areas have different criteria re. BMI, diabetes, weight loss attempts etc. and its worth having those so that when your letter comes back you can fully understand what they are saying and why)

so in answer to your post, yes i'll be happy for you :D x
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It sounds like this is something you need more than something you want so wishing you lots of luck and will keep everything crossed for the funding :D


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Sounds as though it's the right decision for you and I wish you lots of luck and hope you get the funding you need. It's a brave decision to pursue it and I would hope that people are fully supportive of you xx
Awwwww thanks all - you're all so kind to me :)

Will check out the other area of Minimins as well.

I know I fit the criteria for the local PCT - just have to hope they ok the funds if they are available (more to the point!). I checked the criteria before approaching the GP months ago LOL.

Fingers and all else crossed.