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not looking forward to tomorrows weigh in

My 2nd weigh in tomorrow and i'm dreading it:(. After cheating earlier on in the week and knocking myself out of ketosis :sigh:i feel i'v not lost anything could'v even put weight on:(. I'm a bit embarassed about going to the weigh in and ashamed of myself:eek:. I suppose it could be the kick up the arse i need to get me back on track. x:cry:
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go anyway!!!!

whatever happens ur back on track now and ur gonna stay there - bite the bullet, swollow the bitter pill and other such nonsensical sayings ;)

dont beat urself up about ur lapse - stay focused and u will be grand :D

you never know u might be smiling after ur WI


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dont worry about it! even if u havent lost this week just start again and u will loose again next week x
i have just bought some v cheap scales lol and they say i'm at 17 stone on last weeks weigh in i weighed 16s 12. Its the first time i'v been weighed on these scales so i dont trust that weight.


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Ignore the scales for now until your weigh in, then check them when you get home and see if there is any difference (there usually is)

you may find you have lost a little this week even though you slipped. remember on TFR you wouldn't have had the amount of calories you have on a normal week of eating so don't stress whatever happens will motivate you into next week of TFR

rooting for ya!
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Lucy, don't beat yourself up about your blip. What's done is done and can't be changed. Get yourself down to your WI and see what the damage is (if any!) I doubt you have put on but it will have slowed your weight loss down.

Now you know how bad you feel after the cheating I'm sure you will not be tempted again. You are back on board so look forwards to a new you.

Anyway, the Monday Club needs you.

Good luck tomorrow.



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hi, good-luck for your weigh-in tomorrow...you'll be fine...you never know you could be in for a surprise, as along your not hopeing to have a big weight loss as your first week..


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Hun, you really have nothing to worry about ...you HAVE lost.... i know you have and you will be suprised how much...i bet at least a good 3lbs(which is fab btw)
Go, bear all to the chemist and have your weigh in..then onwards and downwards xxx

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Hun, you really have nothing to worry about ...you HAVE lost.... i know you have and you will be suprised how much...i bet at least a good 3lbs(which is fab btw)
Go, bear all to the chemist and have your weigh in..then onwards and downwards xxx
Well, don't quite bare all, people get arrested for less ;) :p


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Lucy even though I am just at the beginning of yet another weight loss campaign I felt compelled to offer you my thoughts:

I believe all of us who battle with our weight and join a Slimming Group tend to worry if we hit a hurdle, especially after the inititial euphoria of losing a few pounds. I know my problem has often been that if I had a 'bad' week I would absolutely dread the prospect of getting on the scales in front of the slimming consultant or the doctor/nurse (if I were attending my local surgery's weight loss group) and many a time I have simply NOT attended that week's session rather than face up to reality! I would make some kind of excuse, telling myself I would return the following week and promising myself I would be a good girl .............. but sadly, this more often than not, lead to me giving up completely as by the following week I would more than likely find myself in exactly the same position again and instead of getting back myself back on track and forgetting about my little lapse, I had probably carried on overeating and put on even more weight! And so the vicious circle continued and before I knew it, I had regained all that I had lost PLUS even more besides! :cry:

I realise now after finally getting on the scales 2 weeks ago and seeing them register at 24st 3lb that my attitude has all been wrong and I have expected far too much of myself and as a result I have been doomed to 'fail' every time! I have yo yo'd up and down the scales most of my adult life but have ended up bigger and unhappier with every feeble attempt. I once got down to 8st 12lb and looked and felt wonderful but within 2 years I was back up to being morbidly obese again and so you can imagine how disgusted this made me feel about myself? I have finally realised that I must not treat food as either my biggest friend; who comforts me when I am down OR my most feared enemy; responsible for all my failures and problems and it is I myself NOT my food that chooses what path I take from now on! It has taken a lifetime for me to reach this weight and so success will not happen overnight and as I am only human I am bound to give in to temptation from time to time, just like any other 'normal' person! However, it's about allowing myself to fail sometimes and not letting those failures shape my whole life that is the key to my future health and happiness and I know now just why that lesson is the most valuable lesson I could ever teach myself! When you fall off your bicycle they tell you to jump straight back on don't they .................. so if my bicycle should topple that's exactly what I will do! :character00201:

I think when you are overweight you view yourself differently to 'normal' slim people and your relationship with both yourself and food is so destructive and therefore if you do have a 'binge' (and slim people have binges too) your self hatred and your low opinion of yourself makes you put unrealistic and unfair demands on any attempt to lose weight! I am going to remind myself that I am not in a competition and that I am not up against the world and most importantly I will admit to being only human and 'normal' - so what if I have had a 'bad' day or a 'bad' week, it wont mean I have failed, I have just had a small hiccup and if I can face up to my little moment of weakness then instead of feeling ashamed and guilt ridden I will feel proud, yes proud, because by finally facing up to reality, it will be a real test of my strength to succeed this time and I refuse any more to bury my head in the sand and shy away from the truth!

So Lucy ........ Please don't feel ashamed, frightened or embarrassed you have no reason to feel any of those negative things. One little setback is really not as serious as you probably think and you wont be the first and you certainly wont be the last that this will have happened to and your consultant will be well aware of this and I am sure he/she will do everything within their power to reassure you and put you back on the right track! The main thing is putting it behind you so that you can look back and see it as another successful hurdle you have crossed!

Good luck and I hope my new outlook may have inspired you to stand up tall and face your future with lots of positive energy? :)

Sue x

PS. By the way I got weighed on Friday and I have lost 9lbs in 10 days so I now weight 23st 9lb ......... so I am on my way down!
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