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not looking forward to weigh in today

You might have lost! You never know! Think positive babe! What time is your weight in?

I had the same problem last friday, I was on and thought I would have gained but STS.
Look at it this way - if you do you do but you know why and it will correctitself next week and if you dont - that is a bonus. I weigh in today too at 7pm I will keep my fingers crossed for you.


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look at it this way.....your next weigh in will be a big loss! dont let one night put you off.

will look for your results tonight. keep positive. if you do either stay the same or put on you know its a natural one rather than one due to eating. i would much rather have that kind of "put on" than one due to overeating!:hug99:


soon to be skinny minnie
Hi hun, stay positive, you may not have gained, and if you have you will prob have a good loss next week, don't worry xx
arrrrrrrrrrrrr thank u for everyones surport means alot i lost a lb and 1/2 so now only 1/2lb away from my half stone sticker. loves to you all and thanks again xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Congratulations! You did better than you thought :-D

I'm in the same boat this week but hopefully I'll be ok too.

Doesn't this mean you have to jump round your living room? lol
it sure does lol. wat bout a run along the beach lol xxxx


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Well done! That's fab considering it's star week :D xx
it sure does lol. wat bout a run along the beach lol xxxx
I think that should be allowed, but didn't you have to shout 'ha ha ha ha ha' as well for 5mins? I really think you should do it. It will be funny to see the looks on people's faces!


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Ah well done Madhousemum!! 1.5is great. On other diets I always sts in start week!! Dreading WI next week, WI is tomorrow but by next week will be *week eek!!


I will succeed!!!
Well done honey xxx
luckerly for me the part we went to was quiet but kids thought mummy was mad pmsl not unusual xxx

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