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hi everyone.. i didnt go to meeting tues cause i hadnt lost anything.. and now the week after i weighed myself and i aint lost anything again.. iv so far lost 2 stone in 7 weeks but have lost NOTHING for last 2 weeks and im doing everything right..i feel like giving up.. please kick me or:needhug:xxx:wave_cry::cry::(:confused::sigh::mad::eek::break_diet::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
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While this is very frustrating...This can happen for various reasons...

I bet if you were to measure yourself you have come down in inches?

Next week should show a loss, would be very surprised if you don't have something off.

As Miel said don't miss your meeting as it is good to talk to your CDC about it.

two stone in seven weeks is very good, I would be more than happy myself with that.

Love Mini xxx


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Yep, you're doing brilliantly. You're bound to have lost weight...just the darn scales misbehaving!!:mad:

You can't possibly not lose fat on so few calories. Hang in there
Try and go to your meetings cause your CDC will give you support

You have not got a ticker.What is your BMI.I have noticed that peoples weight loss does seem to slow down when there BMI is close to 25,especially when on SS
Another thought-are you drinking enough water-my weight loss slows lots when not drinking enough
i dont no how to do a tocker and im 5ft tall and 10st 10 so think my bmi is about 29... gotta admit i didnt drink much water last week as its school holidays and took kids out everyday. but my trousers def feel loser so maybe i am losing inches plus im due on xxx


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you must be really gutted to have 2 sts wks, so (((((hugs)))))) for that. However, looking at peoples losses on this site, after they have a sts wk it is usually followed by a bigger than usual loss the nx wk. So fingers crossed your nx WI will be great! xx
I'd put it down to pre period bloating and your body hanging onto it's water as you haven't been drinking enough - I've had the half term non drinking thing too:D

If you've stuck to the diet then thre is no way you can't have lost fat. But if your body is full of water then it my not show on the scales, but you will probably have lost inches.

Don't be disheartened, keep up the good work and you WILL lose the weight.

Good luck.
Definately could be TOTM,I only lost 1lb this week and that was one of the reasons!along with low water consumption

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