Not on a par with Pete, but...Yeehaw!!!


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Two times today! Two times!

Firstly, I was out walking the dog, and spent the entire walk pulling my trousers up - they are really loose!:D (ok, they're a size 22, but nevertheless...)

Then I went into town in my comfy knickers (and other clothes too, it was pretty cold after all) - wearing a skirt - and my pants actually fell down!:8855:

Can't wait for Monday's WI! But whatever the scales say, I must have lost some inches!:D
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OMG...losing your knickers....that could get you bit of a reputation mrs!!! :8855:

I do know what you mean though....had to give up on my fav pair of jeans now and gone into my smaller ones...yay:D!



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Well done you. LL certainly works doesn't it?

Good luck for your weigh in


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:8855:Brilliant, loving your Yeehaw's, well done!



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Ha! One of THOSE moments! I had to catch my jeans round my thighs walking to football today - very happy, but glad it wasn't my knickers!

Hopefully you'll have many a knicker falling down in the next 13 weeks! :D


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Get yourself down the shops and treat yourself to some new pants and trousers lady! You dont want to be flashing people now do you!!

Oh and a nice pair of braces for the next time ;)

B x


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It's true what we say about quick results isn't it?


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Well done, you'll be out of them very soon.

Louale x


Great stuff!
What an fantastic thing to happen! (well, maybe not the losing the pants in public, but still!)

The change happens so quickly, doesn't it?



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S: 19st3lb C: 19st3lb G: 9st9lb BMI: 46.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Yes well, I hasten to add that I'm not in the habit of flashing in public!

I can't believe how quickly the change has happened, not that I ever doubted all you lovely people!