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It might not be showing on the scales, but....

I am shrinking. :D

Last Christmas my Mum gave me 2 pairs of nice black trousers for my SIL for work. They were a size 12. At the time I was wearing a size 18-20 and almost 3 stone heavier than I am now. For some reason they didnt go to my SIL and have ended up in my "clothes I want to fit into" wardrobe.

I was feeling a little down about my gain this week so I thought I'd go and try on my "Half a Cooker suit" (a size 14 monsoon suit that cost the same as half a cooker and I bought in 2001 when we had just moved into our house and didnt have a cooker!) This suit has not fitted me since my MIL washed and shrunk it in 2003 - but I do try it on regularly for size. For the first time in forever I was able to comfortably do the jacket up (and move my arms lol). The dress is about 3-4" too tight on the boobs - but I got the zip up past my waist and the skirt bit was positively roomy!

I then tried on the 2 pairs of size 12 trousers just to see how much too small they actually were ..... and couldn't believe my eyes when I could actually do them up. OK I have a huge muffin top and they are really too small - but I have today squeezed my butt into a size 12. Woo Hoo!

So the moral of this happy tale is dont worry too much about the numbers on the scale - there may be other ways to feel good about yourself. ;)

Anyway I am off to buy a pair of size 14 trousers for work - before I have an embarrassing moment with my very baggy size 16s!
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You have done tremendously well Taffy! So thrilled for you! Fitting into smaller clothes is the best feeling isn't it?! and a brilliant excuse for a shopping spree ;) You'll be in those Size 12s in no time! :D
Congratulations! That's a really fantastic achievement. I've been holding on to a few things hoping to get into them at some point - hopefully not too far away.


last diet.......EVER!!
Go Girl.........Go!! Well done you.
It is brilliant when you can easily 'double' your wardrobe by fitting into favourite clothes again.
I think my scales have been on strike as well, as I am still noticing on my clothes, but not a jot on the scales. But then we don't walk around with our weight printed on our foreheads, its our we look & feel thats important!!

I have trousers all over the sizes now as no-one seems able to be standard even within the same dratted shop! Currently in a pair of M&S 12s, knowing full well there's a different M&S size 14 on the door my a**e won't squeee into!

My chartreuse linen 'I don't care what size these are but I BLOODY WANT TO TAKE THEM ON HOLIDAY' trousers are my current true goal. Fly out 2 October and fear I need to lose at least another 8lb (not going to happen without a miracle!)
May have to be my never worn M&S expensive stripy linen trousers as secondary goal - that would cheer me up a bit but as listed as a 14 and I somehow sychologically feel I've lready slimmed down to a 14 I resent the fact my a**e just won't fit so the joy of when they do will be diminshed,

I wouldn't mind so much but my house is littered with random 12 through 16 (or American supposed equivalents) and I've not a clue which may or may not fit!

Maybe we should all start a large warehouse where we could swap as we constantly drift up and down the size ranges - I could clothe an army as, every time I throw out a load, my weight moves and I wish I hadn't disguarded so much as I only have have to have another shopping spree.

sorry - rant over;)
Well done Taffy Girl :) Such a fab feeling when clothes finally fit (or fit again!). I had to 'drill' another hole in my belt this morn .. happy dukan days xx