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Not over-eating.. not losing weight :(


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For the last 8 weeks I've lost a huge 1 pound according to WW online. I keep putting on, losing what I've put on and staying the same. However I am not eating over my points/weeklies at all.. I don't know what's going on! I've lost 3 stone so far but on WW goals I still need to lose 4 stone+ to get to gold.. This is mental.

Has anyone had the same sort of thing? Any advice please? :)
Thank you in advance
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I have had this, for 3 months, and I'm sorry, but I ahve no answer. All we can do is keep going, otherwise, it just goes on. You can try cutting carbs, and eating more veg.


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The only things I can think of are.. Plateau.. shake up your meals a bit.. go back to basics.. up your water intake.. reduce carbs slightly (Although don't eliminate them!) maybe monitor your 0pp foods..

When my loss stalls I pretend I've never been to WW before. Read all the books, track everything, measure everything, start from scratch.

Apart from that I can't offer any advice :-|

Our bodies do strange, strange things!


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I've thankfully never had this before but i do feel for you hun :(

As others have said maybe shake things up a bit? Up the fluids? Are you exercising a lot? Could you be losing inches and gaining muscle mass?

Hope it all comes right for you soon.


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Thank you for the replies. I lost 1pound today so feeling a little better about it. Going to change eating the same things now and see if I can bump start a regular loss :)

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