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  1. ruth.diamond

    ruth.diamond Member

    I have been on diet for 9 days and in that time I have not cheated once!! I lost 1 stone in 5 days, and since day 5 I have not lost anymore!!
    Yet I have 5 stone to shift so plenty to loose and although I had a good start, it seems to have gone belly up for me, and now tempted to give up or swallow a stick of Dynamite to shift it!!:mad:
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  3. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Dynamite rarely works. Too high carb and can knock you out of ketosis. Great for constipation though :clap:

    1 stone is absolutely fantastic for one week. Stick with it and don't be disheartened. Your body has probably wondered what's hit it :D

    More will come off if you stick with the diet. Promise :)
  4. HazeyBlue

    HazeyBlue Flab 2 Fab

    Think about it on the whole, 1 stone in 9 days is bloody marvelous (sorry for swearing), and I am sure there would be plenty of people on here who wished they could of lost 1 stone in their first 9 days, me included :D

    Personally, having done this diet before, my weight loss is eratic. I dont lose the regular 4lbs per week like some do. It can be along the lines of 6-2-5-1-5, but it averages out at 4lb per week over the month.

    But you have done really well so far, so keep at it and the scales will drop again soon.
  5. Serena A

    Serena A Can't think of a title

    Yeah I'd give up CD if I were you, it's obviously not working for you, I'm sure you could have lost that stone within 9 days on weight watchers or similar :rolleyes:
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  6. That's_So_Fetch

    That's_So_Fetch Gold Member

    CD guarantees a stone loss per month if you are on CD SS 100%, so you will lose weight on the diet. Maybe its just taking a few days for your body to catch up to things. I have always had a small loss in week 2 compared to week 1 but i average 3-4lbs a week after that.

    But 1 stone in 5 days is an amazing loss, it'll take me a month to lose that much. You have lost weight on week 1 so the diet does work, but i can understand if you feel abit impatient because i am like that too. Just stick to it and you will see great results.

    Have you tried taking your measurements? Sometimes even though you may have a small or no loss on the scales you will have lost inches, so you're still shrinking.

    Stay strong xx
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  7. galaxy163

    galaxy163 Full Member

    well done on your weight loss dont be disheartened, your body has had such a big change it will start again soon dont do something silly to mess it all up for you.:)
    good luck
    maria xxx
  8. Bonzo

    Bonzo Full Member


    I'm in a similar boat to you. Lost 12 lbs the first week and am now on day 11. Up until this morning hadn't lost any more...... but then this morning I lost a further 2lbs. My weigh in day is Tuesday so I'm hoping that by then I might have lost a bit more. I also have to add that two days after weigh in day I had actually put on 2lbs despite sticking to it 100%...... weird!!
  9. ruth.diamond

    ruth.diamond Member


    How weird your experience is the same as mine. I to put on 2lbs and never cheated I was so upset but after 12 days I have lost another 1lb.
    I was so excited after loosing 1 stone in first week and now only a bloody 1lb!!!:sigh:
    But i wont give up.

  10. bigkisses_uk

    bigkisses_uk Member

    Hey hun a stone is amazing, well done you!

    Im struggling over two weeks i have lost only 2 pounds even though ive been doing this religeously!

    Try and keep your chin up, next week you will probably have another gigantic loss and maybe limit the amount you look at the scales!

  11. Linda5111

    Linda5111 I can do this.

    1st in 5 days is amazing, well done.
  12. pete10141748

    pete10141748 Postaholic

    I've always said, any loss is a good loss :)

    It comes off so much quicker to begin with, and 1stone in 5 days is really amazing.

    You will get slow weeks (I've had a slow month!) and then suddenly get a fast week or weeks to "make up" for it. Your body will only lose what it is prepared to lose, but don't worry; the certain fact is that you will lose it!

    As for gaining the 2lb, only thing I can think is that you might have lost 1 or 2lbs of your bodyfat that week, but retained quite a bit of water (which happens a lot to you ladies, especially around you "special" week) which could account for it.

    Accross all of MM's there are countless posts of people saying they've had a slow week (only losing, say, 2lbs... others even report losing amounts in the ounces!) then the following week they come back and say they've lost 5 or 6lbs!
  13. edibeedee

    edibeedee Optifast Girl!

    Well said pete, I think you hit the nail on the hear!
  14. blush

    blush Full Member

    OMG! one stone in 5 days you must be kidding yourself to give up???
    im hoping to lose that in a month so youve kick started your weight loss big time. i would be jumping up and down all week if that was me!
  15. Bijoux

    Bijoux Fat Fighter

    I lost 15lbs in my first week and 2lbs in the second. Your body needs to adjust. You won't always have huge losses. The average loss per week should be between 3-4lbs.
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