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Not so easy-Day nine

My first week went so well! I had no problems until the weekend. I stayed on the diet,but was a bit depressed.
Yesterday I ate some salat for lunch.Not much.Im continuing the diet, but its been really hard for some days now.
Im feeling a bit sorry for myself, and I try to think that I have chosen this diet.
I feel a little lighter in my mood today,and thats good!
But-I think one of the reasons I ate, was because I have a really bad taste in my mouth all the time, and it makes me a bit sick at times. I brush my theeth a lot and use brethfresheners.sometimesI have had to have a gum.
Is there anyone who has a good advice on how to loose the terrible taste in my mouth?

I hope you ladies are all doing fine:p!!
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Serial Dieter!
I am afraid that the bad taste is due to ketosis, it means that the diet is working...
the best way to combat it is to use listerine strips or breath spray, to help with the bad taste.
I sometimes have to have a sugarfree mint to get rid of it.

don't sweat about the salad, it's just salad and probably won't affect your weight loss!

Keep up the good work Klompen!
Keep smiling Klompen, you're doing great so far :)
It can be hard and in the beginning I battled with feeling a bit depressed. It plays havoc with your emotions at times, but that stabilises as time goes on. You're doing something life changing, so it's bound to affect you occasionally.

Salad is nothing to worry about and if you're going to eat then it's a sensible choice to make. How much water do you drink? I never get that horrible taste in my mouth and I put that down to drinking lots.


Serial Dieter!
Weird the taste thing... I find that the more I drink the worse it is... my mouth tends to become more like the bottom of a budgies cage the more I drink... I've never really been able to figure it out!
That is weird, as I'm the complete opposite! Maybe my breath stinks, but no-one tells me :)


Serial Dieter!
Well, I've always been a bit unusual!

AND I know that I have the worst dragon breath ever.. (OH tells me it smells like a Tunisian Sewer!!)

Maybe if I could manage 6litres, it would go???? (Ugh!)
I think if you could manage 6 ltrs you'd never leave your toilet :) !!!

I am on day 10 and also have the same problem with the dry mouth with horrible taste all the time.Have also been using strips of gum,brushing of teeth more often.Have so far managed not to eat anything though,although have been sooo tempted today as feelin really down with it all.
It actually feels like my tongue is slightly swollen at times and drives me mad.Does anyone know if this feelin goes?
God I hope so lol!!
Klompen well done for getting as far as you have,we can all support each other on here and don't think I would be able to do it without this website.

Natalie xx

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