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Not such a good start for week 9!!

I have a confession! After my weigh in on Fri, I was feeling great and was determined to get into the 11 stone bracket come my next weigh in then on Sat night, I don’t really know what happened!! I walking into the kitchen – all the while telling myself NO DON’T DO IT!! But I went and ate a choc biscuit, a choc do-ring and about 25 hero sweets! I was like a mad woman, ramming them down my throat while my H2B was up stairs in the shower! I felt quite sick after scoffing the lot and annoyed that I had prob blown getting to the 11 stone bracket by the following week. I knew whilst I was doing it, that I would regret it but I still ate the lot! I never done it to quit as I know I will deffo be on this for about 4 more weeks – hopefully getting as close to 11 stone exact as possible, so am not quite sure why I done it! At the end of the day I have only prolonged my journey on lipotrim - and its not as tho I want to stay on it longer than needs be!!

Anyways, never went and ate anything else after the choc’s – which is good for me, as in the past when I had cheated I would have continued to do so for days or just give up with lipotrim altogether. So yest went well and am still determined to go the distance. This is week 9 for me – am positive I can complete 12 weeks! I thought I would feel terrible yesterday after haven broke Ketosis, but felt fine and quite glad not to be feeling sick with food. It has def taught me that I'll not manage all the choc that I used to so thats a good thing!
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Hey hun, dont feel too bad about it :) Its weird but i had my blip when i hit 12.1!! Maybe in your head you thought you were so close that you could reward youself!! I think thats what was going through my head when i had a weekend off!! At least you didnt turn it in to a big blip and order pizza or something!! Dont worry, you still may be able to lose a few lbs this week so you may hit the 11s anyway :) xxx
Thanks Lizzie! It is weird as I knew I wasnt giving up the whole time I was scoffing, just REALLY wanted the chocolate fix! Thats weird we did it about same time - I am (or at least was) 12st 2.5 lbs on Fri! I see what your saying tho, its hard when when everyone says how great you are looking ans all your clothes are too big, its all to easy to feel as tho you deserve a reward! Thats it tho, no more rewards til the end of these next for weeks - and after the refeed obvioulsy! I think am gonna lower my target again to 11 stone! Was gonna stop this when i reach 11 and half but feel I can keep going to 11st!

Blimey that sound too good to be true, to be 10 stone something!! I quess I really should, so I can have afew lbs to play with eh! I can't really imagine how I'll feel being 11st as the lightest I remember being is 11 and half stone! LOL!

I am thinking about buying one of those vibrating machine things that you tone all your muscles on? My aunt has one that was about 7 grand and is ace and my mum has one that was a few hundred!! Obviously there is a huge difference but my mum swears that hers tones her! I may buy one like hers! Have you heard anything about them?
We have our friends evening wedding to go to end of March and thats when we are staying at the 5 star hotel as our belated valentines pressie. That gives me 5 weeks to get down as much as possible. I'll def be off diet for that night, but will perhaps go on for another week or so - I should then deffo be below the 11 stone by then, providing I dont slip again huh?! To get to 10st 13lbs I need to lose 1 stone 3.5 lbs!


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S: 12st10lb C: 12st2lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 25.8 Loss: 0st8lb(4.49%)
Yeah, i went to an idea home exibition type thing at earls court and they had some there. i tried it and it seemed good, but i dont have a spare £4000 lying around to buy one!! I think thats how much they were there!! That would be so good for me thought as i am sooo lazy!! I have ordered a slendertone max though, its coming today:) I think the stomach is the last to go so i thought this might help mine along :)

How far away does your aunt live? Cant you "Visit" every day for 20mins :)


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S: 12st10lb C: 12st2lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 25.8 Loss: 0st8lb(4.49%)
(Signs) Can you remember your first two weeks when you lost nearly a stone... if you could lose like that then 1.3stones wouldnt be hard at all :)
Was your slendertone thingy pricey?

Oh I know the really good vibrating machines are thousands I think my mums was only £300 - I may look into one as I have loads of toneing to do but am a lazy sod and only like walking - no gyms!!!


weighs a lot less
PINEAPPLE have you thought about toning tables you just lie there and they do the work for you i use them at the gym and they do work some places just have toning tables so you dont have to go to the gym and it would proberly work out cheaper if your anything like me and end up using the vibrating machine to hang my clothes on x


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S: 12st10lb C: 12st2lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 25.8 Loss: 0st8lb(4.49%)
Hey, My slendertone was about £90.00. if you can get a good vibrating machine for a good price then go for that. They are probably a lot better :)
Hey pineapple

Dont beat yourself up, you had a blip but i have to say the one thing I am impressed with is you put it down to a blip and didn't come off the diet completely, that takes will power.

Cheers Shornie,

Too many times before I had had a blip on diets and thought to hell with it, I've ruined it now so I be as well go for it with the food. But its different this time, I knew all the while I was eating I wasna gonna come off it and knew after I had, had it I would be continuing with my journey. I am enjoying the new slimmer me, just lost control for 5 minutes or so!! But want to lose at least another stone on lipo.

Hows your re-feeding going? Hows those bitches at work? Still nagging you about eating too much salad?!
Hey pineapple, don't worry about your little blip - cos that's all it was, just a blip. I really admire you for getting straight back into it though. I can't do that, a blip for me would last about a week. Isn't it wierd how loud those voices are that make us eat? As you say we know we are not giving up and all logical thought tells us not to do it. But somehow that food ends up in our mouth! For me the time I am most likely to cheat is when I am nearing the goal. When I appear to be not obese but just fat, I think it's also when clothes start to fit, shopping isn't such a nightmare etc. When I look "acceptable" I guess I justify cheating by saying to myself that "I don't look anywhere near as fat as I was". But now I know that's a slippery slope!

BTW - have you thought about hiring a machine?

Hi pineapple don't worry about your mini feast lol. Its great that you have no intention of quitting hun. this may be what you needed to keep you going. Have to say the choc sounds yummy. xxx
Dasiybank, no I've not thought about hiring a machine? May look into that and try before I decide. I wouldna want to be going to my aunts every day to use hers, I've not enough hours in the day as it is, so something at home would be grand! I totally agree that its a slipery slope once you start to feel good about your self in your clothes. I swear not one thing in wardrobe fits properly now and everykeeps saying how great I feel - you would think it would spur you on even more but indtead those voices just get louder! Your also right about me just accepting it as a blip, I have not dwelled on it at all and all going well again.I think am even down another 1 lb from alst Fri so really chuffed that its not sticking after all the choc?!

Yeah Tracey, they were delish at the time, but I know now I wont be able for the amount of choc I was used to before the diet, I went to bed feeling quite sick. I think I'll prob be content with a normal size choc instead of the family bags I was used too!!!! Greedy pig I was! Hows everything going with you?
Well im kinda glad you had your blip in a selfish way! I used to eat a big bar of galaxy most nights before bed and am loving the fact that you feel like you would be no longer able to manage such big amounts. Hopefully i will be just the same!!

im good hun how are you? Have my WI this afternoon, not very optimistic but excited none the less xx
You'll do grand I bet Tracey, (I asked on the other thread how you were getting on!) I cant wait to hear how you get on, its amazing how fast these weigh in come round aint it! It feels like yest I was gonna post askig how you got on last week as you were keeping us in suspense! Dont do that this week! Is there a reason you dont feel optimistic or is that just the normal nerves setting in?

I am positive you will no longer be able for the big amounts of choc you had before. A tyical sat night for me was achinese and am nt talking a normal chinese we would prob order about 3/4 mains with all the extras then I'd have fam bag of minstrals or maltesers - sometimes both!! I could quite happily manage that but I felt sick with what I had on sat and that was a fraction of my usual! It'll be fun size bags all the way now! I hope! I think buying the big bags just becasme habbit, I hope to make the a whole new bunch of habbits after this, I swear I cant let myself go back, not now!
Best of luck today x

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