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not sure if this is for me....

i'm going to be honest...i'm finding the cd very hard.
i'm not sure i can do it....does that make me a failure?

i just feel i could maybe go back to eating a balanced diet...but i also think i'm being a cop out.

how do i decide and how do i stop feeling so crappy about it all?

please help me?:confused: :( :confused:
Hi A&C,,,,you don't say much in your post, how long have you been doing CD...are you in the first few days, cuz they are the hardest and it will get better...your not a failure so stop using that word with yourself, its self beating...:confused:
This diet works for me as it takes away any choice of eating food. I have tried WW and SW for a number of years but found they didnt work for me as I was constantly battling with making the "correct" food choices. Personally for me it wasn't helpful for my WW leader to say I could eat a fun size mars bar, becasue obviously I much preferred eating the full size.
If you are in the first few days of CD I would be inclined to stick with it for a couple more days at least becasue once you are in Ketosis it's really easy. I'm on day 14 of CD and absolutley loving it, i wish I would have started the diet a long time ago.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.


To celebrate my losses!
I don't think this diet (any vlcd) is for everyone. I think you have to be in a place where you really, really really desparately want to lose the weight and can see no other option other than surgery.

I was in that place last June when I started on LL but when I tried to get back into sole sourcing after Christmas I couldn't do it - my desire to lose the weight wasn't as strong as I needed it to be so that I could get back into sole sourcing.

But do remember the first couple of weeks are the hardest and that once you start seeing the weight dropping off there is no bigger incentive to continue.

Good luck with however you decide to lose your weight.

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