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not sure what to do, any advice would be really helpful


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heya everyone, i'm in a complete rut and really not sure what to do just wondered if anyone had any advice?
Basically i'm back home from uni for summer, and so i went to a slimming world group back home which i've not been to before (started when i was at uni) i went once then went on holiday for a month, i've been back a week and no that on holiday i put on 5lbs:( the thing is ive been really off the plan and cant seem to find any motivation which is so silly becuase i get really annoyed with myself and upset for not following the plan:cry: im meant to go to WI on Thursday but as it's only my 2nd time at this SW meeting i'm really scared to go because i dont want to find out i've put on even more weight and then i dont want to seem like a total let down to this new class aswell, just very unsure of myself and what to do:confused:sorry for the probalby nonsensical message, i hope all you lovely people out there are doing well:) Emzy22xxxx
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I'd still go. I have in the past missed a week and it almost gave me the opportunity to not stick to the diet for the next week. And I would still put on.

Explain to the leader how you have lost your motivation.

Or is there any way you could text or ring her to tell her how you feel?

Go anyway. Even if you havent lost anything it will motivate you to not put yourself in the same position for the following week :). Be harsh on yourself!

Reading that back it sounds a bit mean now.. but I think it's in our best interests to be harsh on ourselves.


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i know when someone at group puts a couple of pounds on I dont feel as if they're a let down! Everyone will have been where you are now so go along & face the music, as hard as it is. The longer you avoid it, the more difficult it will be. I always find it hardest to go along when I think I havent done well but I know if I avoid it, I'll go off the rails for another week and it all adds up! Good luck, it probably won't be as bad as you think :)

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