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Not sure what to do!

Morning everyone,

I am starting to wonder whether WW is actually working for me... dont get me wrong I LOVE this diet, but I have been doing it since 5th Feb and the scales (altho they have been lower at some points) are currently only showing a loss in all this time of 2lbs.

I know that fluctuations etc cause rises and falls but I am fed up of not seeing a steady loss, as I did when I was calorie counting in Jan. In Jan I lost a steady 1-2lbs a week and it didnt go up and down, it just fell gradually. Granted I was a bit hungrier sometimes but I am thinking that maybe its worth feeling a little bit peckish if it means I can see the weight shifting. Since starting WW I have only now lost 2lbs in total (instead of per week!!) my shape has changed but I think that may be due to ongoing exercise as oposed to diet, and actually thinking about it my weight and shape changed more when cal counting. I think maybe I am more strict with myself when doing it the other way.

So now I need to make a decision about whether to go back to it. Im not sure how many calories I SHOULD be taking in, thats the only thing. Plus u lot are so supportive and I dont want to lose all the friendship etc. If I switch can I stay on here???

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Xxx you wouldnt have to go anywhere hun! ..:hug99:.. i for one would love it if you stayed! .. At the end of the day you have to do whats right for you ! .. and youve given ww a month and lost 2lb id have fallen off the wagon way before now! ....
if it were me id be tempted to! as for how many calories im not sure but i bet there will be a website where you can work it out if you try google!
What ever you decide were all behind you here and dont want you disappearing anywhere !
Have made my decision

Awww thanks guys! I just worry that if Im not doing WW it wont be relevant to anyone else and u will all give up on me! But if you're sure :D then I think I am going to switch. I may well come back to WW if I find cal counting too harsh but tbh I need to see at least a lb a week coming off if I'm going to stay motivated! So cal counting it is then!

Have had a smoothie for brekkie (108 cals) and a packet of Asda be good to yourself crisps (59 cals) so not off to a bad start. For now I am going to say no more than 1400 cals a day. no less than 1200, until I find out what the optimum is! Pointswise it works out at 2.5 so far (which is just over 10% of my allowance for the day on WW), calwise its 167 (8.3%) so thats not too bad and I dont plan to eat anything now til lunch which is a jacket potato with WW coronation tuna filling.

Thanks all for your support xx
Thanks Starlight,

Just what I needed to hear! Have just used something I found on google and it says that I can be at goal by 14th July on the plan they have given me: 1400 cals and 52.8g fat a day Sun to Thurs, then I can have 1824 and 68.9g on Fri and Sat (I put in that i wanted easier points on certain days). I need to try and burn off 200 cals a day in exercise so need to do a bit more walking and get back into doing my DVDs, but am so excited that I can now have a realistic goal and its not too far away!!!
I am staying for good hun :D will carry on with my diary thread and support you guys on WW best I can! I am soooooo grateful to everone who has supported me today! Thanks xxx
OMG, I don't know how I missed this thread earlier on! Sorry I haven't posted before love, I didn't even see it :eek:

I'm so glad you're sticking with mm's, even if you're not doing ww. As everyone else has already said, you need to do what's right for you, and if you've done it before and it's worked for you, then that sounds like a good plan to me.

Just make sure you don't slope off the forum ;) x
Thanks hun! I was on 22 points which I think if you go by cals alone and not fat is 1540 cals, but when you add fat to the equation it can mean less cals. The problem I have had with WW is not thinking about the calories and instead "estimating" points- and possibly underpointing too often! It many be nothing to do with the diet as to why I havent lost weight recently, it may be due to exercise, but I havent increased the amount I do recently!! xx
Rowanx2 - I have just been on your web page and WOWEEEEE!!!

Your photos are amazing and your story is inspiring hun!

well done to you!



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wannabeslim, the thing that gets me is take my diet polos - 80 cals and i think one or even half a point - a slice of edam is also 80 calories but i think 2 points for that. Thats where i think it gets a bit too strict, as its not like i was going to eat 50 slices of edam or anything, but i would feel hard done by - thats why i like calories.

Awww thanks jools, thats nice to hear, especially as i'm in a bit of a funk right now trying to get my act together.

hehe starlight, i think you would be having many lists a day just to keep track, but say you had a bad juddd day but a good ww day then it gives you more chance to look good hehe. i'm wondering if i can add in any more plans - oh the calorie counters one too, so i'm upto 4!

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