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Not using syns...

I am very new to this whole SW thing. I joined on Thursday and have been going great guns. Having just come off the Warrior Diet (really, don't even think about it if you enjoy eating) it's so lovely just to be able to eat like a normal person again...

Now, there seems to be a great deal of emphasis placed on using your syns. I just can't get to grips with it, myself. I fill up on my free foods and HEs and I just don't fancy anything else. Is this going to impede my progress at all - either right off the bat or in the long run?
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i'm not an expert but i dont think it would impeed your weightloss however the syns are there for things like low fat spread, sauces and the odd treat oh and alcohol. It makes the diet less restrictive. I know i couldnt do without using my syns for a few vodkas on a friday night :)
Syns don't have to be chocolate, biscuits etc you can use them on mayo, oil, tomato sauce, gravy lots of things.

Use them then you don't feel deprived, what did you use to have before you started SW?
Well I've been vegan for years so things like yoghurt, mayo, cheese etc are really off limits for me! My biggest vices were always things like chips (no longer an issue - I've yet to try SW chips but have high hopes!) and eating out (Nando's and Pizza Express are the biggest culprits).
I don't use my syns and i have been losing between 2 and 4 lbs a week upto now.


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Yes but -no offence - you have only been on the plan for a few weeks - are you going to spend the rest of your life not having any treats?

Your syns only add up to 200-300 calories a day so you do not lose weight faster by not eating them

They are there to ensure you do not feel deprived and you are more likely to stick with the plan long term if you have them

Some people find that as they near target they have to cut back and if you are not eating any syns you have nowhere to go
Circes i'm not saying i won't have syns i just don't have them now. I don't feel the need to use them.


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You should have a minimum of FIVE syns per day, maximum of fifteen. I always aim for 10-12 per day unless I know I have something coming up like a meal or night out in which case I tend to have just 5 or 6 and save the others.

I'm not sure why the minimum is set at five when we could easily go week to week on green/red and superfree foods, but they are set at five. And I trust the SW nutritionists so do what they say like a good boy lol.

My SWC has suggested in the past that 10-15 is a good number to aim for, so that in the event you reach a plateau you can drop them down to 5 to kickstart the losses again.


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Mostly because on the rare occasion that we buy it by beardy husband snaffles the lot before I can get a look in!

How does plain soya yoghurt compare to the moo-based stuff for making sauces/potato salads/stuff? Does it work as well?
There are two enormous 500g pots that you can get that are both Alpro. One is a basic one that would be great for savoury sauces and the other is divine it is a vanilla one. I have been doing a lot of exercise recently and didn't lose weight and a few kind folk on here pointed out that I was not eating enough so to bulk up I have been adding steamed rice into the vanilla yogurt with some sweetener added and I really like it now. I buy from sainsbugs so I don't know if the Alpro 500g cartons are available elsewhere - but I imagine most large supermarkets would stock them. :)
I think syn use depends on the person and how you personally what to use them, The reason for them is so you don't feel deprived of your favourite food or drink so you stick to the long term goal of the diet and don't give up because you can't have this or that.

I vary my syn's quite a lot and this week had 22 syn's the whole week and all of those where on Saturday, and I got weighed last night and lost 5lb. I know that's not all due to the syn's but you don't have to use them if you can eat something else that is free and you enjoy

I personally feel that you have to adapt the diet to yourself slightly, I always try to have 3 days a week where I have no syns and only eat free and super free foods plus my healthy extras. If I know I am going out on Saturday I increase my exercise to compensate and also lower my syn intake, as I believe that when we go out for a meal we are not 100% sure what it contains, so by doing this I have a safety barrier, if you like.

I also go to group which to be honest I can't say I enjoy but feel it's as important as the diet it's self as you learn so much from listening to other people.

You listen to people say I can't understand how I didn't lose x amount this week as I was good all week except for the weekend when I had drinks, chocolate, take always etc, I just don't understand this, why be good for 5 days and then blow it and then be good for another 5 days and then blow it yet again. The most important thing about this diet and infact any other diet is planning and organising. Once you have mastered this everything becomes so much easier.

Now watch me put on 2lb this week lol

Take care



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I hear that a lot when folk on here complain - they say people at the group say they ate vast amounts and still lost but like you say everyone is different - some people may feel ok telling lies:eek:.

Seriously tho - each body reacts to things in a different way and as long as you are sensible about the plan I think you will eventually find what is best for you.

What is best for one person may not be best for another and whilst this site is a perfect place to get great tips you can't take advice verbatim.

Sometimes things will work for one person and not another. I think you have to mix it up until you find your comfortable effective path. Also FWIW being patient is the hardest part when you want something to happen so badly.:sigh:
When I first joined SW last year I didn't use my syns as I thought I'd lose more, but after a month or so I got stuck & my consultant said it was because I wasn't having my syns. BUT, my current consultant (I changed classes) says having syns is good as you don't feel deprived of a little something you fancy, but if you fill up on free & superfree don't force yourself to eat syns just because they're there. If not having them works for you & you're ok with that stick to it, should you get stuck & the weight doesn't go then maybe introduce syns.
i read somewhere on here that not having any syns in the week equates to only an additional 1lb weight loss! its therefore worth having at least some to keep you on track psychologically! knowing you can have chocolate and sweets (in moderation) is what makes slimming world so great.

as its been said, your not realistically going to spend your life avoiding syns, so get into the habit of treating yourself for long lasting results :)


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I don't purposefully avoid having syns, but if I'm not hungry or don't feel like I need them then I won't eat something for the sake of it. I do think they're an excellent idea though, as I don't feel like I'm depriving myself of food that I want... in a way... just knowing that I can have chocolate or crisps is enough to satisfy me (probably doesn't make much sense). I think it's a personal choice, everyone's different.

If I do use mine, it tends to be when cooking dinner or a little bit of butter on my toast and what not. I'm sure there will come a time when I'll be using more but for now I'm happy not using them unless I really feel like I need to!


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