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Not Weighing this time round

Not sure if I'm doing the right thing or not. Basically, because I'm doing lots of exercise along with the plan, I think that it might slow down my weight loss. Because of this I want to focus on changes to my body shape, not numbers on the scales. Does this make sense, or am I just being daft?!
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Howdy lucky :)
I think that's a good idea since I have starting exercising madly the past few weeks and have lost 2lb. That's no more a loss than sans exercise but I have noticed more change in the way my clothes fit than during the whole 2.5 months of SW prior to that :)

Having said that, I find my weighing routine a great help motivation-wise and love my little ticker (I'm such a child ;)) so I personally would keep weighing throughout...


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what kind of exercise are you doing Lucky7?

Any exercise that increases your HR shouldn't slow down your weight loss.


Any kind of exercise actually, as long as you're in calorie defecit with your diet, can only speed up your weight loss, albeit somewhat negligibly at lower intensity levels.

You won't actually 'build' muscle or increase muscle mass substantially until you're on a calorie surplus diet (eating more than you expend), so don't worry about that too much.

The health benefits of exercise cannot be overstated, and you'll feel and look much better as a consequence, even if you're weight losses don't seem to improve.
I'd need to run for an hour a day, every day to get an extra 1lb per week off!
I'm happy running 30 minutes at a time, 4 times a week and getting maybe an extra 0.5 here and there :D
I'm doing a class a day. Alternating between body tone or LBT and more cardio classes (I'm especially partial to Zumba and Salsa Aerobics). If I do a toning class I try to do 20 mins run / walk on the treadmill for 300 cals.
So are you not weighing this week or not at all?
If you are doing an intensive class each day, when is your body getting a chance to recover? I don't exercise intensively these days but I have trained very hard in the past and always always had one or two rest days a week.
Not weighing at all. Just going by how I feel / body shape / clothes fitting better etc. rather than getting het up with numbers.

I haven't planned in rest days. I tend to find that at leat one or two days a week they get thrust upon me anyway. Las week I lost 2 days due to wedding events. This week I've lost one day because my mum turned up, and I don't suppose I'll make it for the morning on BH Mon (when the classes are on - closed for the afternoon / eve classes) after going to a Hag (Hen / Stag) night on the Sunday night.

Once term starts I'll be back to tap dancing on one night anyway, so that's one rest night (it is exercise, but not 'intense' exercise).
i think its a good idea, last time i did SW (before i fell face 1st off the plan an in to a tub of ben an jerrys) when i was near my target i asked my consultant not to tell me what i'd lost/gained. i started to do a lot more exercise to tone up and trim in. i had my outfit i needed to be in an that became my goal rather than my numbers. Good luck what ever u decide to do xxx
Thanks - to be honest, my scales are a bit rubbish anyway, and I don't go to class. Now I've got Minimins I'd rather use the money for my gym membership.
I think there is something in this because started at the gym 2 weeks ago and since then gained 1.5lb whereas before consistently losing! (and no I'm not overeating to compensate, I'm always ensuring my calories well under 2000) yet my belt I can fasten a hole down and my clothes no longer feel tight? I literally can't do much more diet-wise and I want to continue exercise but being weighed is now just making me unhappy
Lucky7, I think this is a great idea to focus on how you feel and your tone/shape..... much more healthy in fact than focussing on numbers on scales. We all know that the numbers on the scales come from a number of things including when you weigh, what you've eaten, if you've had a bowel movement (!), time of the month etc etc. Go for it, freedom from the numbers can be a great thing if thats what you need at the moment :) Best of luck x
Thanks - I can remember so many times (when I used to go to class) where I'd have been really good all week and then been really demotivated by a small loss, or staying the same, and then come home and blown it somehow.

At the moment, a couple of weeks back on plan, I know that the csales would register only a few pounds difference. BUT, I feel so much better. The waisband of my jeans feels looser and I feel healthy and in control. If that's all just psychological effects of healthy eating and lots of fun exercise, then I don't care. Feeling good will mean I stay with the programme.

I am planning to not weigh too. Although I do think it's good to see losses on the scales for motivation, like you and others have said it can be massively off-putting if the loss isn't what you thought it would be. Having said that, I think I may weigh myself once a month on the proper digital scales in town, the scales I have are pretty useless!

Even though I'm sure I haven't lost much weight, if any, so far (I've only been doing SW for a week or so) I feel so much better anyway, physically and mentally so that's what's motivating me at the minute. I'm sure all the good food and water I am having will soon start to show in my skin too.
Actually, weighing once a month isn't a bad idea. I might just do that! Maybe note measurements at the same time. I'm going to do the 1st of every month at Boots (because they give a print out), and if you keep the same weigh card it will print the whole history each time.

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