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Note to self, buy willpower day 2

So this is day 1 of my final push to lose the rest of my weight. I am gonna be calorie counting until i have enough money to do CD which is about 2 weeks away. My final goal is to get to 161lbs which is 11.5 stone I am currently 206lbs (14.5 stone) am hopeing that i will have the majority of this off by New Years Eve, new year new me and all.
I Have currently set my self a mini goal of loseing 21lbs by the end of november so am thinking half a stone in the next 2 weeks by carb cutting/calorie counting and then that gives a month to get rid of the other stone. Got someone i wanna wow at the end of november.:rolleyes:

So Today so far I have had


1x Slice of Toast


1x Heinz Vegetable Soup

Dinner is probably gonna be a stirfry of some sort.

If I manage to get to my mini goal i am gonna get my hair dyed but not sure whether to go blond highlights or darker. I have brown eyes, light eyebrows and a light oliveish complexion. My hair is currently a light brown so any suggestions welcome.

Hope every1 doin ok in the diet world.

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** Chief WITCH **
hi Gem (and pleased to meet you - first time I think you've put your name!),

As we discussed yesterday, I think 1.5 stone is a good goal for end November and, if you manage to beat that, so well and good.

This is what I'm eating today - not counting calories or anything, and emphasis on fresh veggies and no ready meals really, but obviously wanting to see 9lbs vanish soonest (my next break is in three weeks, so alas not gonna get there):

B: boiled egg, low fat yoghurt, apple

L: chicken with steamed parsnips, carrots and green beans; spoonful Branston pickle
1 peach

Snack: 1 pear

D: lots of salad with a bit of (fried in fry lite) home cured lean bacon

3L water

What does CD cost? Just curious really! I know that my main shopping bill has gone UP since eating healthier (fruit, veg and salad definitely cost more than chocolate and cakes) BUT I no longer have takeaways, etc mid-week so it balances out that way, I find.

When I got to target, I had my hair cut far shorter and let her do something different with the colour. I've fairish hair, but it's been highlighted for so long that I can't really remember my natural colour! I now have dual toned highlights/lowlights in (blonde and copper). The copper is really RED and GLARING when you first have it done but fades quickly to a more normal colour. You can imagine how shocked I was first time though! These colorists are used to knowing what would suit our face colours so go to a good salon and let them choose, once you're feeling confident! I'm delighted (now) but wasn't initially!!
I'm sure those 9lbs will vanish soon enough, I am loving your menu for today. I Love parsnips gotta be roasted for me though.

CD would cost me just over £40 a week coz of my height I have to have an extra pack a day. It does seem quite a bit of money but then i figure I am not having to buy any food and I can't drink on it which alone can be more than £40 a night. So I have no financial reason not to do it.

I bet your hair looks lovely i love the whole high lights with low lights. I am quite lucky really that in the pub i work part time at there are a bunch of hairdressers who come in and I was speaking to the colour consultant last night and she said she will look after me and possibly give me a little discount. I use to be really good with trusting hairdressers to know whats best but I now have bust length straight hair and it is all my natural colour so am a bit worried about dying it again, but hey i deserve a treat and to me if your hair looks great it makes you feel so much better.


** Chief WITCH **
I absolutely adore parsnips and, living in France, found that I just couldn't get them except for a couple of weeks around Christmas... So, I thought I'd grow my own! BUT I have trillions of them so you're going to see me eating a lot of them in the winter! I too love them roasted, even with Fry Lite, but haven't cooked a proper roast for a while.

£40 a week for CD is probably what I spend on food ish...

It's true that when you're feeling good about yourself, getting your hair done really lifts your mood. And if ever you're going to do something completely different with your hair, it's when you're feeling good about your weight loss. People told me I looked so much younger when I changed my hairstyle too (yet no one told me I looked OLD before!!!!).

Enjoy your dinner, whatever it is...
Day 2 Hangover WTF!!!!!

So all my good intentions flew out the window yesterday and I ended up

Breakfast- Slice of Toast

Lunch- Can of Veg Soup, Bread Roll, Ginger Buscuit

Dinner- Chicken, Steamed Veg, Gravy, Bread Roll

Drinks-7 WKDS:banghead:

Dont know why on earth I drunk so much last night normally if its a thursday i am good coz i know the weekend is nearly here. This is why i need CD i cannot be trusted to moderate what passes my lips.

Checked the scales no damage done but for someone who was supposed to be carb cutting I ate a hell of a lot of bread.

So Day2 or day 1 again

Breakfast- Toast (need to get up earlier to start having something better)

No Idea yet am gonna try stay in tonight but I so know what I am like with intentions at the moment.


** Chief WITCH **
ooops indeed Gem,

Frankly, unless I plan food in advance, I'd do just the same as you! When you mentioned yesterday that you were going to the pub and didn't know what you could eat healthily there, an alarm bell rang for me (but didn't want to lecture you on day 1!).

Fine fine, do CD... :) BUT the same problems will still arise "post CD" so good to get used to planning in advance. So what's for lunch and what's for dinner?!! I've already worked out for the weekend AND all next week too (how else would I know what to buy at the supermarket tomorrow?!)

B: boiled egg, peach, low fat yoghurt

L: salmon steak with lots of salad
1 low fat yoghurt

Snack: 1 apple

D: ham salad (in tupperware eaten in car! I'm passenger!)

2L water cos else will be wanting to stop every half hour, and not easy in traffic jams to get out!!
At the moment where i live with my parents my mum does the shopping she knows what i can and can't eat but still she never quite gets it right so it difficult to plan in advance unless i go to the shops but cannot afford to pay housekeeping and be buying food every day. I need to get my head back into it before i went away i just woke up one day and started had a few blips but still got results.

Love your menus really wish i liked fish as chicken gets a bit borin every day
Am hopeing that by the end of my journey I will have re educated myself that food does not have to be an all or nothig situation plus hopefully once i am slim that will be enough to keep me on the straight and narrow. ie not wanting to go back to where i am now


** Chief WITCH **
yeah that is tough, I agree. I have to be in total control of the shopping and meal planning else it all goes wrong! (Been there, done that, and unfortunately even the memory of how great being slim felt didn't stop me whacking two stone back on, grrrrr!).

It's true that I too eat a lot of chicken too (I do vary between leg and breast!) and do eat it four lunches a week at work (partly for ease, partly cos cheap and low calorie), but I do like salmon and sea food although not fish with bones!

You were doing brilliantly before your holiday so I'm sure you can get there again. Perhaps give your Mum a list of things you'd like her to get for you and I'm sure she'd encourage you once she sees how serious you are.

Have a good weekend!

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