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ProPoints Nothing lost in over three weeks boooo hooooo!

Hi people, need advice..... I always stick to my daily points and only use 10 of my weeklies, i also exercise three time a week but for the last three weeks I haven't lost anything other than my mind lol, am I doing this wrong?

Typical day in my life

Breakfast weetabix x 2 6pp
Snack fruit salad opp
Dinner ww bread and wafer thin ham 4 pp
Tea ww ready meal for 9 pp
Treat ww caramel wafer 2 pp

Helppppppp me before I give up !!!
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Cherry have u much to lose?? How much have u lost!! Do u eat the same things most the time? Xxx

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Hi I have lost 1st so far and I am 11.13 at the moment so I would like to lose at least 1 and a half st still x I eat fish and veg but I work from half seven to five so I have to be organised :) x need ideas or someone to chop of my arms so I don't reach for a bar of chocolate lol x
Lol I know it can be hard sometimes!! Especially when ur days seem longer than others!! Though I do believe that it will come off!!

Do u drink plenty of water? I find it really helpful but hard to do at times when I just can't be bothered lol.

And make sure and change what ur eating or your body gets used to the same thing!!

Do u weigh everything?

How many 0pp fruit and veg do u eat! If it's more than 5 a day that could be the problem!!

Sorry for all the questions but just trying to get to the bottom of it lol xxxx

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Hi Cherrylips.
That must be really tough when you've been working so hard at it. Now I've only been doing Weight Watchers Pro Points for three weeks (I'm doing it at home and weigh in on Monday) and I didn't lose anything the second week. I've stuck with it and I know (because I can't keep off the scales) that I have lost another two pounds this week. So keep at it, you'll get there.
I've seen elsewhere in the forum that some people don't lose if they don't use their weeklies - metabolism slowing down. You might think about trying to eat a bit more?
If you've been doing more exercise than usual lately you might have built up some muscle - which means a trimmer figure but not an immediate loss on the scales.
Really hope that the scales start moving down for you again soon.
When's your next weigh in?
Ohhhhh lots of fab ideas there thank you ladies x

I eats loads of fruit and veg and my weight in is today in about two minutes lol........
I have lost 1lb yipeeeeeeee!
Going to put a bit of pasta in this week and change things around a wee bit x thank god I stumbled on this site you are all angels and the support really helps x
I love minimins!! I honestly believe that i wouldn't still be at it now if it wasn't for all the girls on here!!!

Woo Hoo on the 1lb loss!! More to follow xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Brilliant news. The first of many more.
And supporting each other is the whole point. We're all in it together.
Hey! Well done for the loss :) maybe increase or decrease exercise and as Lauren said drink water, mix up ur meals... Perhaps trial and error with using more or less weeklies :) keep us updated x
Hope ur ok xx


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Hi Cherrylips.

I had to cut out bread & all WW branded products & increase my calcium intake. After 1 week of doing this I lost 7lbs. :eek:

I am nearly to the end of my 2nd week of making these changes & will know tomorrow if its still working.

I also drink a minimum of 2 litres of water per day up to 4 litres per day.

Hope these ideas help. xx
my god...7lbs in one week that's fab!!! i eat alot of ww snacks..ie, cookies, cake bars and crisps..do you think they are doing me more harm than good. just i love sweet snacks and they are ideal, rather than eating normal food..


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hi Cherrylips and welcome hun...well done on your 1lb hopefully it's the start for many more ..... I agree with the others especially about mixing up your foods eating the same things everyday may slow your weight loss down .....look forward to reading more of your diary ...keep up the good work ....everyone here is so helpful and friendly.....I love it really think I'm missin something if I miss a day lol.... have a good weekend x
Hi everyone x my internet has been playing up for the last few weeks so not been on for a while :( I have had three weeks of complete nightmares I have two people in my life that just keep giving my rubbish to eat and me being a complete wimp and too soft can't say no! Well today I'm saying no now lol !!!!! It is my weight in tomorrow and I know that I must of put some on but next week is a fresh week and no more rubbish ! Hope all is well with everyone and I'm loving being back !!! Sarah
Good luck for wi ;) x

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