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Now what?

I've been struggling for a few weeks now, sorry to keep reposting but really don't know what to do. Put on 3lb at Xmas, got it off 2 weeks later, then stayed the same until last week when I put on 2 (didn't do pp as fed up). Have tried to go back this week but haven't tracked properly and know I'm over again. Weigh in tomorrow. Feel so demotivated, wondering whether to stick it out (but so depressed and losing willpower) or maybe try slimming world. So unhappy, feel like an ugly blob, any help/advice appreciated x please x
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Ah I hate to hear people feeling this way, I've struggled with pp as well not giving the results we want or need to keep us motivated, have you tried the old points system before or is it your first time @ ww??
Don't give up whatever you do, I know the feeling of feeling the way you do the best thing your doing is trying, go to your wi and if your seriously not happy again then tell someone there you pay your money and they should be supporting you xxx
I agree, but dont get demotivated! Losing weight is a journey a learning curve and damn hard, if it where easy would any of us be on diets? So keep yer head up, I did sw and hated it so I'd be all for ww it gives you a more realistic lifestyle change (in my opinion of course :) keep trying you'll get there and enjoy the journey :) xx


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Something Gracienoods just said hit the nail on the head - it is a lifestyle change.... If you stop viewing it as a diet, and instead look at it as a complete change in your lifestyle you may get better results. By viewing it as a diet, you are more likely to feel deprived and "cheat", have weeks off etc. Instead imbrace it as the NEW YOU..... gone are the days of comfort eating, overeating for the sake of it, making the wrong food choices etc. Instead, embrace the new you of healthy eating, feeling good about yourself and most importantly feeling comfortable in your own skin xx


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S: 12st7lb C: 10st7lb G: 9st13lb BMI: 26.9 Loss: 2st0lb(16%)
ps: I did slimming world in the past and never lost more than 2lbs - usually, I'd lose 2lbs and put it back on again the next week,... I used to be a big overeater and sw just seemed to encourage that with its "Free" food.... I once sat there and ate 4 packs of supernoodles in a row because they were "free"!!!! Hmmmm.... not conducive to healthy weight loss....
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Im struggling too, I have found over the years on SW and WW that I don't lose in Jan, Feb so im taking it as it comes until March. Then I will see how it goes. I was on SW and like Tonic says, SW gives u the permission to overeat with all the free food, but was very restrictive in other ways. WW is closer to normal eating for me. I feel I can keep eating this way forever and not just until target.
Def gonna stick at ww for timebeing, advice seems to say so. Also don't like the idea of wasting money on the ww stuff I've bought. Am trying to get my head around a lifestyle change, my life is changing anyway at the moment so it may just help me focus on what I need to. Thanks again for your support x

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