NYE plans?


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Anyone starting their "new start" today? I WI on Weds so today had to it be it after the xmas break! So tonight i'm in control.... we're having some friends over for dinner, games and drinks. So, I'm on gin and tonic, plus 2 glasses of wine with dinner. I've made up some syn free pates to go with fresh breadrolls (6 syns) for starter, smoked haddock risotto out of EE cookbook (free), and white choc options whisked into Total 0% with fresh raspberries (2.5 syns). Then there'll be some kettle chips out (haven't looked them up yet!). But i figured even if i drink myself silly into the new decade around 40 flexisyns should cover it.... Probably a bit cheeky having a flexiday on day 1...but at least I'm in control! How you guys doing it? xx
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I started my new year yesterday as I weighed in on Tuesday and really didn't want to wait another week to start.
Yesterday I stuck to it and I will do the same today. I'm eating free foods for breakfast and lunch and keeping my B choice and syns back for tonight.
We are going to a friend's house but as long as my willpower is good I will be able to eat free food only and use my B choice for some cheese and syns for crackers.
I'm driving so won't be drinking. I want to get up tomorrow not having ruined my good start yesterday!


I started again on Monday. I dont know what tonight is going to bring, I am hoping to bypass any foods at the party I am going to and just get very drunk on vodka and diet coke lol


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I'm glad I'm not the only one. My OH and friends are all acting like I'm mad to be starting a day early (my WI was Wednesday evening) but like you guys, I didn't want to leave it til next week.

I've just had a cheat curry for lunch. (Last portion of spicy butternut squash soup with king prawns mixed together and served with boiled rice.) I might have some stir-fry veg with pork and noodles before I go out tonight, plus I've got a pack of preprepared casserole veggies and some lean stewing steak to put in the slow cooker for when I get home from the pub if I want it (if not I shall put it on the low / keep warm setting and have it for new years day brunch).

I'm having a EE / flexi-day today but am making all the food syn free so only using syns for whiskies to have with diet coke. I don't feel like I'm being excessive or restrictive at all, and am not entitely sure what my OH's problem with me getting back on track is. Never mind. It's his problem, not mine.

Happy New Year!!!



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Fab dress lucky7!!
Have a great night hun.

Thanks Jaylou. Hope you have fun and the others don't drink so much as to be unbearable to you as the sober one!!



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LOL - yeah - they come up a little small. At least the sellers note the equivalent size though.

Don't think I'll be taking my cardie off, and will wear it with thick tights and biker boots. Feeling a bit body-negative after that 8lb gain last night. Oh well. Might snap out of it after a few whiskies.


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I reckon you'll look fab x

I'm being 'naughty'. We're having pizza and gateaux tonight with a small amount of wine (as I'm working and need to keep a clear head!) but back on plan with a vengeance tomorrow.


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Pizza - yum! Homemade or brought in?
I keep meaning to try that HexB wholemeal bread to make a pizza and never seem to get round to it.

Have a lovely time x


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I've got literally my entire extended family (on my hubby's side) coming over this afternoon/evening. Boy do they love to eat.

I am looking forward to seeing them but dreading the food - I'm doing EE today, but I don't want to have more than my usual 10 syns. I don't tend to drink so that helps, but there will be choc mousse, cake, sweets, pie... I may not survive!


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We're staying in and once Fin is in bed, we're having a nice SW meal!

here's my NYE menu:

Starter - Thai chicken cakes with shredded spring onion and sweet chilli sauce & lime wedges (1.5 SYNS)

Main - Herby salmon & cous cous parcels with roasted sweet potato, squash and garlic mash, sugar snap peas (total 5 SYNS (for oil in mash and sun dried tomatoes in salmon dish)

Pud - Chocolate souffle from this month's mag (2.5 SYNS)

So 9 SYNS in total, will probably have a glass of wine for 5 syns and maybe a g&t for 2.5 so not bad a NYE meal for 16.5 syns!


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Feeling very grumpy after doing the getting ready extraveganza. OH hated the new dress - didn't say so in quite so many words, but after 18 years I know!! Everything else too tight or shows bulges off. Been doing lots of mental cursing and getting a stress headache.



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I'm going to my local pub this evening and will prob be on slimline G&Ts but will restrict to about 3 of these (I'm a lightweight- when it comes to drinking anyway!!) We're having a meal there (about 9.30) and I've already chosen this- teryaki roasted veg and noodles and I've just had a mugshot soup thingy to tide me over so I don't get too ravenous later!! I have been basically back on track since 27th but I'm going to have a couple of strict(ish) weeks to try and kickstart the New Year! Have a lovely evening everyone!!XXX