Hiii :) :) (Apologies if this has gone into the wrong section, I'm new to this forum and not 100% certain on how to work it)

So it's my 3rd week of slimming world my target is to lose 19lbs and I've lost 5lbs so far. :) I've spent almost all my afternoon writing down every single syn value in almost all of the weight watcher meals, snacks and deserts. Syn values in chocolate, Nescafé coffee sachets and even alcohol. So I'd say I'm pretty determined to lose this stone! This is today's food intake:

Branflakes & Skimmed Milk.
Total - 1 syn for 1tsp sugar in coffee.

Weight Watchers Chicken Tikka Masala (6 syns)
Diet Coke (0 syns)
Total - 0 syns

2 Slimming World Chilli Burgers (0 syns)
Bag of veg (0 syns)
Diet Coke (0 syns)
Total - 0 syns

1tsp fat free cottage cheese (0 syns)
Total - 0 syns

So I've came to bed to watch The Hunger Games and I've saved a few syns for a little treat while I watch the film:
Cup of tea 2 sugars. (2 syns for 2tsp sugar in tea)
2 Weight Watcher milk chocolate digestive biscuits (2 syns each so 4 syns)

So this takes me at the grand total of 11 syns.