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O/T - any advice for missing cat?

Hi all, my cat went missing over the weekend. I think he got spooked (he can be a bit of a scaredy cat!) when he was in the communal hallway and must have bolted out the front door and then couldn't get back in. I'm worried because, although he was a stray when we rescued him from Cats Protection, he has been an indoor cat for the past 3 years and has never shown a desire to go outside even when our main front door has been open with access to outside and our windows open.

I did see him under the front hedge when he first went missing but he ran off before I could coax him out. My neighbours think they spotted him by our garages out back a couple of days later. The problem is that the back garden behind the garages is untended and very overgrown and wild, not to mention large so he could be hiding anywhere.

I've been out every night shaking his treats, leaving wet food out, etc and can hear rustling but that could be hedgehogs (which scared the crap out of me last night!), foxes (there's a den at the bottom of the garden) or other cats.

Just wondering if any cat owners have any advice? I'm really distraught over it and have been so down since the weekend. He was my first baby (yes, I know he's just a cat but to me he was my baby) and I miss him loads and worry about his safety.

PS - I've also left his bed and a bowl of food outside our front door (the past two morning the food's been gone) and I tried sprinkling some of the hoover contents around in the garden.
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If i was you i would try putting some leaflets throgh the neighbours doors for a few streets away with a piccie asking for sightings it may at least give you the reassurance that hes around and safe, odds are there is somebody who feeds all the stray ones in the neighbourhood and he is round there every day filling his boots , they think hes a stray so they feed him and you miss him dearly. if he/she knows you miss him and care enough to go to the effort of trying to get him back they may try and return him to you or at least let you know he is safe. it only needs to be a quarter A4 size or something print off a load and go sticking them through letterboxes its worth a shot!

Also phone the local rescue centre if your cat wasnt streetwise someone may have noticed and called them to come and get him, it may be another local cat scoffing the food every morning

Hope you get him back hon xx
Gen x


I ate my willpower!
My kitten went missing a when we first had him and the local cat protection place said that he is most likely to come back at night when it is dark and quiet, so it might be worth while looking for him when it's dark. Cats are also nocturnal which means he could be sleeping during the day. Hope you find him soon.
Thanks ladies. xx
Hi, I'm sorry it must be awful for you. As th eother poster said try looking for him at night but try looking further afield as if he can't find home he'll probably work outwards in a circle looking for home. Also do the poster/leaflet suggestion

Hope you find him

I feel so horrible for you. My cat is my baby too, and I would be a mess if I lost her. She has managed to slip past us a couple of times but has thankfully never gone far, and always found her way back in a few hours (or less) usually with a mouse in her mouth!

The first time she escaped I found her hiding in one of our sheds under a sheet of metal, so try looking in places similar to those. If he is a scaredy, indoor cat (like mine) then he's not going to want to go near roads or busy areas, so he'll probably have found a nice little shelter to hide in. As SA said, he'll probably come out for food at night when it's quieter.
Just wanted to say that we've got our cat back! Yay!!! I'm so happy and he seems healthy and ok but in need of a good brush! Thank you all!
I'm so glad he came home. I know how awful you've been feeling - my first cat went missing and a week later unfortunately we found he'd been run over and killed. So when one of my new cats went walkabouts we feared the worst - 3 days later in she trots, looking skinny but fine!! They do know how to keep us on our toes, our feline friends!!! Gotta love 'em though.

Carol x

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