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:D Hi everybody,
I am requesting your wealth of experience as my sister is waiting to give birth .
Her first childs birth was an horrendous experience she was very traumatised by it and when it was finishe 20 hours later the trainee nurse cut her incorrectly TWICE and stiched her incorrectly so they had to be removed and redone !

This time for obvious reasons she has opted for a home birth with a birthing pool thing is she was due last thursday and no sign she had a sweep by the midwife this thurs and the baby shot up and they couldnt do it !

So upshot is if the baby doesn't come by tuesday she is booked in to be induced and as you can imagine is trying anything to get the baby moving !

Any advice more than gratefully recieved !!! :D

Thank you for reading x
Five labours under my belt here ... every one different so I can't generalise but with one of them (my 5th) which was a bit slow in progressing, a midwife told me that if you gently massage your boobs (don't laugh!) and especially the nipples then that can help.

Apparantly, this is because stimulation in that area encourages the body to produce the hormone that makes the uterus contract: hence breastfeeding is beneficial for shrinking the uterus back after childbirth and helps reduce bleeding (clever thing nature eh?)

I tried it in that labour for half an hour or so and my daughter was born an hour later later - maybe it helped, maybe it didn't - but it was certainly a distraction and more fun than yet another prostaglandin pessary!

Wouldn't hurt for her to have a go ... and if it doesn't work, then at least she and hubby will have had a good time!! ;)
Hey Debbie,
I just called her and she has been trying the massaging the good news is she has had another sweep and the outlook is promising YEY !

I will be present at the birth if its a home birth to assist and i am very excited i will keep you all posted !