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O/T Eco Friendly Products. Would you buy?


I ate my willpower!
Hello everyone

Just wanted your opinions on Eco friendly products such as bin bags and pencils made from old money.

I am looking at selling them through my business. They are roughly the same price and their non eco equivilants, give or take a few pence. For example 20 bin bags are about £1.20 for 20.

Thanks guys x
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I ate my willpower!
Lots of views but no replies :cry:


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I am a HUGE fan of this sort of thing. I try not to use bags if I can help it but if I do then I would buy recycled ones.
My daughter has pencils and rulers and stuff made from recycled materials and i've seen trousers in tesco made from plastic bottles (although how they do this I don't know!)

I'm a bit of an eco warrier so anything recycled/reused is a great thing in my book.

I hate waste!!!!


Is so very nearly there!
I would use bin nags, food bags, pencils and pens....

I buy everything I can that is made from recycled waste and use all enviromentally friendly cleaning/washing products so would definately be interested in these.


I ate my willpower!
Thanks guys. The new website should be up and running soon and when its live I will let you know what the link is. Thanks!


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Is there really enough 'old money' in the country to create a manufacturing business out of? Wow!

Yeah, I probably would. HAve you got a website.

Oh, was it yourself who was planning a SW freindly delivery service? Have you got it up and running yet?


I ate my willpower!
Yep, that was me. And no, I decided against it. Too much health and safety stuff!

And I will have the website by the end of next week. The products are great. There are things like soap nuts for your clothes washing and loads of products to help people that have allergies and asthma etc.

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