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  1. b_n_3003

    b_n_3003 Silver Member

    OK so we're all human, so let's share the pain and amusment of things we've done, funny or downright wrong!

    my own personal experience is ...

    I was in the car coming home from work, I saw a young chavvy type girl push her pram (cntaining young baby) out into the road, just 5 foot from a zebra corssing! I put the window down and shouted 'there's a zebra crossing just there' .... she gave me an pure evil look .... and then got on the bus that pulled up behind me - she wasn't crossing the road in a dangerous place, she was waiting to get on the bus :eek:

    and for my husband ... we were in town and he waved at his mate accross the road, then banged smack into a lamp post :rolleyes: t'was funny
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  3. dreamingmaid

    dreamingmaid Silver Member

    Ok, this didn't happen to me but someone i knew.

    Wen't for an appt at the gyneocologist and was in the waiting room, after a long wait and a full bladder she quickly used the toilets in the waiting room. Upon finishing noticed there wasn't any toilet paper left so rummaged around in her bag and found an old screwed up tissue and used that.
    She went back in the waiting room and a little while later was called in for her appointment. Upon lying there with her legs akimbo and everything on display the doctor extracted a postage stamp fom her nether regions....seems the postage stamp was stuck to the tissue at the bottom of her bag which then became stuck to her. Ha Ha! Still wet myself at that one!
  4. claira07

    claira07 needs a real kick in the

    i just heard on the radio a lady telling the presented that she couldnt get into her car with the key so rang the aa, they came out tried her key then said, its not your sar, hers was parked 4 down this one was the same model and colour lol xxx
    not sure what mine is, i will have a think xx
  5. onlyme!

    onlyme! is a naughty girl...

    Ok this one i bad! I was having sex a few years ago and he still lived at home. his parents came back and I knew they would come up and see us. so I just lay down on top of him as if we were sleeping and pulled the covers over me. he was still in (TMI) and his mum started calling his dad saying 'richard richard come up and look at this pair they look so cute, bring the camera' up the camera came and they took lots of pictures of us at it!

    They were given out at christams to the families because we looked so cute.

    I DIED!!!!
  6. b_n_3003

    b_n_3003 Silver Member

    amazing, I have tears!
  7. quizzicalgrrl

    quizzicalgrrl Posting Mad!

    i fell asleep with gum in my mouth and woke up with green gum in my lady garden. (TMI)
  8. DizzyFlowers

    DizzyFlowers Full Member


    you poor girl! x
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  9. lunar jim

    lunar jim Gold Member

    That's what they all say ;) :p
  10. Mrs Z

    Mrs Z Gold Member

  11. lunar jim

    lunar jim Gold Member

    A few years ago I was given a company car. While my own was sorted out I was given an interim car which had been handed back by someone else. It happened to by the same make, model, colour and year as Mrs L's own car. The neighbours must have through we were weird, having two of the same car on the drive...

    I forget how many times I used to press the button on my key, pull the doorhandle and the door not open because it was her car.
  12. coconut

    coconut Full Member

    I think Onlyme wins post of the month!
    Omg that's so funny. Great that you can see the funny side of it.

    I know I've tons of stories but can never think of them when someone asks.

    I have two from my friends that I love though.

    First one is about my friend from America.
    He moved to Ireland for college and after a year or so went looking for a job. Saw a sign on a shop window saying there was a postion available and to 'apply within with C.V.'.
    So he goes in and asks the girl 'Is CV here?' She looks at him oddly and says 'what?' He says 'it says to apply with CV, is he here?' After about 5 minutes she explains to him that a c.v. is a resume. lol

    Second story is about his girlfriend. She went to an interview one day and it was going ok. There were 2 people interviewing here and one of them asks 'describe your ideal bus'.
    She's puzzled by this and then starts 'well it would be spacious and comfy. There'd be toilet facilities and good air-con or heat. The seats would recline and have room for drinks/snacks.'

    Now they're looking at her like she's insane. turns out they asked 'describe your ideal boss!'

    She was mortified. lol
  13. lunar jim

    lunar jim Gold Member

    That's just awesome :D
  14. Mrs Z

    Mrs Z Gold Member

    My car is really common - silver focus, (company car, not choice). I dropped my husband outside a shop, drove around the block to come back for him just in time to see him opening the door of another silver focus outside the shop and jumping in the passenger seat.

    I thought I was going to wet myself laughing at him!
  15. charley24

    charley24 Silver Member

    Oh I am loving this thread, trying to think of my most embarrasing moment !
  16. claira07

    claira07 needs a real kick in the

    lol, me and my mum both have blue focus's and she always tries to open mine first, xx
  17. claira07

    claira07 needs a real kick in the

    oooh another, about my mum not me, years ago my dad came home with a new car. a little mini van, for my mum whos 5ft 11in lol, anyway she sat in the drivwers seat tryiong to start it and my dad said you have to tap the window for it to start, as she did this he hit the starter button, later that evening we sat in the living room watching mum out the window, shed snuck out to her knew car and was punching the window, you kind off had to be there, xx
  18. claira07

    claira07 needs a real kick in the

    i think mine would be, when i got my first car, a yellow datsun sunny, my dads mate was a sprayer so i was explaining what sort of purple i wanted it, so my sister ran upto my bedroom and swung my favorite pair of purple knickers out the window at him and said, thats her favorite, there were some really cute lads i fancied stood there to.x
  19. tattyboo

    tattyboo Full Member

    it's embarrassing but the one i'm most proud of

    a few years back i danced in a peep show (drunken randomness) and a room full of japanese business men clapped like hell
  20. claira07

    claira07 needs a real kick in the

    well done and fair play, xxx
  21. dreamingmaid

    dreamingmaid Silver Member

    Wish i had the balls to dance in a peep show.

    Hmmm, maybe not the balls but you know what i mean

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