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Step 1 Sole Source Ciara STRIKES again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'CD Weight Loss Diaries' started by ciaraxx, 19 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. ciaraxx

    ciaraxx Well-Known Member

    Hi Guys,
    Just posting on the app so I hope I'm in the right forum as its a different layout compared to the desk top site. Anyways... I think this is my 4th time doing the Cambridge. When I first started the CWP I done pretty well and lost about 2 stone.. Anyways I went really lazy and just slipped back into my old eating habits. Tried to come back the 2nd time and I just couldn't get on with it, I was being sick and heaved at the thought of them. 3rd time round my usual Councillor wasn't available so I had a young girl who has never had a weight problem... She was clearly there to earn the cash and go with no support... I turned to minimins and it was the strangers the other side of the screen, going through the same diet and.emotions. couldn't fault minimins xx well I lost most of my weight and was only 10 pounds away from hitting target. I also started feeling sick on the plan and so I started to try eating healthy. I was fine for about 10 months and then slipped into the junk slide.... So I am back again, I'm hoping to see my consultant this week so I can start the road of a better, healthier me. This time round I might do the ss+ because I love going to my gym classes. I'm going to try and concentrate on my clothes sizes rather than what I weigh and hope to get into those size 10-12s again. Would love to hear everyone else's journeys and look forward to spurring each other on x

    Ciara xx

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  3. ciaraxx

    ciaraxx Well-Known Member

    Well i started the SS today with a banana shake in the morn and just had my chocolate. I must admit, i may have to change the choc to a banana because it makes me feel sick :( I will put up with it this week and hope to stock up on banana tetra. I have the mint choc in powder form for tonights meal, hope its not as bad as the choc tetra. Funny how your taste change? considering this is my fourth attempt at doing this, you would think i would be used to it? Ah well knock back water today like there is no tomorrow, not doing to bad. Felt a little hungry at lunch time and light headed but nothing i cant cope with :) xxx
  4. ciaraxx

    ciaraxx Well-Known Member

    Day 2... So far so good. Felt a little sick yesterday I'm just solo thankful for coke zero :) hurrrryy Thurs weigh in xxx

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  5. ciaraxx

    ciaraxx Well-Known Member

    Day 3... Looks like I'm talking to myself but it helps me look back at read my journey as the days go on. Thought I would weigh myself before day 3 officially started and it looks like I have list 5lbs. Let's hope it says more come Thursday weigh in :) xxx

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  6. VDub

    VDub Well-Known Member

    I am starting SS on Saturday Ciara. I have alot of weight to lose and hoping I can get some support and motivation from this site. How do you feel?
  7. ciaraxx

    ciaraxx Well-Known Member

    Heyyyy VDub. o0o good luck hun, Have you done it before? Honestly this site is sooo helpful with other users in the same boat. Im feeling fine to be honest, unlike last time i done this i was on deaths door, but this time round i seem to be sailing through it. However, i still want PIZZA... that will definately be my treat in the months time maybe? See how i go. Do you have any incentives to keep you going for when you start or? Keep me posted xxx

  8. VDub

    VDub Well-Known Member

    No, I have never done it before, I have done Dukan and enjoyed it, lost 4 stone, but couldn't see the end of it, I have managed to keep 3 stone of it off but I couldn't face doing it again, too much meat!! So thought I would give this a go. My problem is that I need to restrict completely. If I did slimming world or ww, i just know i will slip back into naughty old habits.

    Glad you are feeling well this time. Apart from the pizza cravings!! I am hoping to book a 3 holiday to the States in September (No holidays for 2 years so think I deserve it!) I wanna be feeling fabulous for that and not spend the whole time worrying Im not going to fit into the seatbelt on the plane!! Also, my best friend gets married next year and bridesmaid dress shopping is looming!!
  9. ciaraxx

    ciaraxx Well-Known Member

    The dukan diet is a little like the Atkins isnt it? I didnt get on with that at all, not exactly a massive meat eater anyways but i was constantly mardy on it and never lost any weight on it. Like you i have tried slimming world and although i think its a great diet, its easy to slip into old eating habits. Personally i would use slimming world which i plan todo once ive finished this - use it as a guideline but not be religious. ooooohhhh lucky you - i would looove to go back to the US - unfortunately im saving for a mortgage so im living a pretty sheltered life at the mo haha. Where abouts in the states are you going? Im sure you will have no problem with that seatbelt hun xxx I'm also a bridesmaid next year for my best mate... dun dun derrrrrrrrrn. how are you getting on hun? xxxx
  10. VDub

    VDub Well-Known Member

    Yeah, it is a little bit like the Atkins, but no fat is allowed. I felt amazing on it but just got so bored, i did it between March and October, went on holiday and then couldnt get back into it, I am glad I have only put a stone back on!

    Yeah, mortgage was an option for this year too, but me and the bf have decided to stay in rented and go on holiday instead! looking to do west coast, need sunshine in my life! Funny that you are on bridesmaid duty next year too, I am going to be so strict with myself, I cannot get into a silky strapless dress looking like I do currently thats for sure! ha ha!

    I dont start until Saturday, but I am trying to reduce carbs this week, feeling better for it already! How are you doing? Feeling ok today?
  11. ciaraxx

    ciaraxx Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah sorry. Forgot your getting prepped for Saturday - good idea xx yeah me and my fella have always chose hold over mortgage but we've had to put our boring sensible heads on boooooooooo. I know what you mean, with being part of such a big day you want to at least feel half decent, especially for your friend and those photos that will come back to haunt you for years haha. I'm getting on OK, although I had a bit of a mard earlier but fine now. WI tomorrow night so fingers crossed it matches my scales :) xxx

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  12. ciaraxx

    ciaraxx Well-Known Member

    Well its been a whole week and apparently my scales say i have lost 10lbs YAY. I get officially weighed tonight but i will just roughly go by what my scales say as weighing in the evening cant always give you the most accurate results and also my scales gave me the same reading as my consultants last week =D Roll on week 2 xxxx
  13. ciaraxx

    ciaraxx Well-Known Member

    Hows everyone else getting on?
  14. ciaraxx

    ciaraxx Well-Known Member

    Well i am not going to take credit for this but someone has kindly created this spreadsheet that has been going around minimins so you can keep track of your weight loss. But here it is if anyone also wants to do the same. :)

    Attached Files:

  15. ciaraxx

    ciaraxx Well-Known Member

    Today is the last day at my job before i move onto pastures new. So went to Morrisons to stock up on Cakes for everyone. LUCKILY.. im no fan of cakes but i had a few leaving gifts which included my favourite - Malteasers <3 so that is killing me right now. One whole week off on my own next week and im hoping it wont be as tough as it is as the weekends. Arghhhhhhh. Last night after WI my consultant was happy with me to start the bars which will make the weekends a little easier. SO two banana tetras and a bar a day to tackle this week.

    How is everyone getting on? Feel free to share you diet journeys too. It be nice to hear off people xxxx
  16. VDub

    VDub Well-Known Member

    I start tomorrow, had a naughty tea before I start in the morning, but to be honest, I didnt enjoy it at all and just want to get going and start shedding these extra pounds! I always find weekends harder than weekdays with any diet I am doing. It all to do with the structure and routine of work isnt it? You will have to keep yourself busy Ciara. Spring cleaning??

    Well done on your 10lbs, good incentive to stick to it next week!
  17. ciaraxx

    ciaraxx Well-Known Member

    Its D day for you VDub :) welcome on board xx I also find weekends really tough and forever cleaning so that always helps to keep me busy. I'm a bit of a geek when it comes to gaming so that keeps me away from the thought of food. What products have you got? :) good luck xxx

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  18. VDub

    VDub Well-Known Member

    Thank you!! I am so so nervous. I have been given 4 products per day. i went for a variety of shakes, soups, porridges and cartons. Some of the flavours seem weird to be so I have stuck with strawberry, banana and choc mint and orange. I thought I would try one each of the soups and porridges, then I will know what I like for next time. Do you have a preference?

    I have been cleaning and ironing all morning and that has definitely helped, never before has my weekly ironing been done at noon on a Saturday! I am normally just finishing my second breakfast and thinking about what we can do for lunch!! ha!

    Oh god, my boyfriend loves gaming! I secretly enjoy some games but would never tell him! ha ha!
  19. ciaraxx

    ciaraxx Well-Known Member

    Haha my bf love gaming and I thought ad it I'm joining in... And I do like it. I'm such a geeeek!!!

    Awww hun don't be nervous xx you will do great, how you getting on so far? I only prefer the banana cartons and bars as I don't get on with anything else but were all different. I'm currently on 2 banana cartons and 1 bar which I seem to get on fine with. Before you know it next sat will arrive for your first WI which is always the biggest loss of them all xxx

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  20. VDub

    VDub Well-Known Member

    I have decided to start tomorrow. I was out and about today, and for my first day i just kind of wanted to be in the house. I havent been naughty today though and have stayed off the carbs totally. Did think about having a blow out, but really dont want too!

    How are you getting on? Saturday night! Usually a bit of a treat night for me!
  21. ciaraxx

    ciaraxx Well-Known Member

    Start when you're ready hun ;) I always have a massive blow out before I start this... But then I'm greedy haha. I'm doing OK, weekends are tough for me as I always eat alllllll weekend :-/ mainly consists of some kind of take out. I've got a week off work until I start my new job so that's going to be interesting :-/ let me know how you get on when you start xxxxx

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